IBMBA students taking a picture with Elan and Professor Sung at the production factory in Tainan.


IBMBA students had the opportunity to visit Everest Textile. Elan Gibb, an alumni from the IBMBA program, introduced us to the company and its business operations in Tainan. Everest is a textile manufacturer that develops and supplies products to brands in several different key categories of clothing, such as sports, outdoor, and casual. Through the use of its two core values of innovation and sustainability, Everest has successfully decreased its carbon footprint dramatically. Everest is a proponent of being an eco-friendly enterprise and promotes this by its Sustainability Model that is based on the 7R Discipline: Rethink, Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle, and Recovery.

To learn more about Everest, please visit their website at:http://www.everest.com.tw/index_us.aspx.
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Guest lectures are held in the Seminar in Business course taught by Professor Sung. This course provides weekly lectures by high-level managers who work in different industries, providing students with information on the practicalities in various business fields.

About the Elan Gibb

Elan Gibb

Originally from the United States of America, Elan Gibb earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Oregon. In 2014, he decided to pursue his IBMBA degree at the NSYSU. Elan has also had past work experience in the investment industry and in market analysis. After graduating from NSYSU, Professor Sung assisted Elan in acquiring a job at Everest Textile as the Global Sales Executive at the production factory location in Tainan.