【Program】First in Taiwan: IBMBA made it 85th place to the Financial Times 2020 Master in Management Ranking

The UK-based Financial Times (FT) published its 2020 Master in Management (MiM) Ranking on September 28, 2020. The FT’s 2020 MiM Ranking ranked the top MiM programs offered by 90 universities around the world. This year is the first year the Master of Business Administration in International Business (IBMBA) program, College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) is analyzed and assessed by the FT’s MiM Ranking. Besides earning the 85th place on the FT’s 2020 MiM Ranking, the IBMBA program has even won the 1st place among the Taiwan’s independent MiM programs on the list, which is followed by the Master of Science in Management Information Systems, National Chengchi University (87th ). Another school in Taiwan that has also made it to the FT’s 2020 MiM Ranking is Fu Jen Catholic University, which is one of the three partner universities that jointly offer the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM) program.

The UK-based Financial Times 2020 MiM Ranking is calculated based on the information collected through two separate surveys. The first survey is completed by the business schools and the second one by alumni who finished their MiM three years ago in 2017, evaluating the three major aspects of the business schools, including alumni career progress, school diversity, as well as international exposure experience and research. The evaluation criteria include “salary increase”, “career progress”, “percentage of women among faculty, students and board members”, “international mobility”, etc.

In terms of the alumni’s career performance, the “average salary” among the alumni that graduated from IBMBA three years after graduation was calculated to be US$54,787 (approximately NT$1,604,586), reflecting a 54% increase from the salary at the time of graduation, ranking the 25th in the world. In terms of the alumni’s career progress, which compares changes in the level of seniority and the size of company alumni are working for between graduation and today, IBMBA is ranked 17th in the world, which is outstanding and demonstrates that IBMBA is able to cultivate business talents that meet the demands of companies and help the companies grow.

The College of Management, NSYSU is characterized by its internationalized learning environment and abundant resources on exchange programs. In the IBMBA class, the ratio of foreign students to local students is as high as 1:1. In terms of “international study experience”, IBMBA is ranked 44th in the world as the IBMBA students had undertook a significant amount of overseas exchanges, company internship as well as study trips abroad. In addition, in terms of “international mobility”, which compares changes in the country of employment of alumni between graduation and today, IBMBA is ranked 52nd in the world and 6th in Asia, indicating that the IBMBA alumni’s capabilities are widely recognized by companies around the world.

In terms of “diversity”, the “percentage of female students” of the College of Management is 64%, ranking 5th in the world. The “percentage of international students” is 49% and the “percentage of international board” is 44%, ranking 31st and 29th in the world respectively. Furthermore, the survey items have also included the number of students enrolled, the alumni’s overall satisfaction, and the percentage of internships completed during the program, but they were not included in the score for ranking.

University of St Gallen in Switzerland, HEC Paris, and Essec Business School in France have remained the top three schools in the FT’s 2020 MiM Ranking. A total of 15 MiM programs in Asia made it to the list. The 1st MiM program in Asia is the Global 3 Master in Management program jointly offered by Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University (China), ESADE business school (Spain), and the McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia (USA) . The 2nd MiM program in Asia is the Master in Global Entrepreneurial Management (MGEM) program, which is jointly offered by Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan), the University of San Francisco (USA), and Ramon Llull University (Spain).

IBMBA Class of 2017
IBMBA program organizes faculty member and student gatherings from time to time to promote bonding between faculty members and students.
The IBMBA class consists of students of diverse cultures, which is like a mini UN.
IBMBA program arranged overseas relocation teaching. Class of 2017 students visited a bank in Japan.
IBMBA students worked at a company as business management consultants, and proposed solutions to business dilemmas.