【International Relations Office】5/25 pre-departure seminar for KEDGE Business School’s Joint Program

On May 25th, the International Relations Office, College of Management, NSYSU held a pre-departure seminar for KEDGE Business School’s Joint Program. A senior from IBMBA, Paul Huang, was invited to share his local life experience and journey with the participants.

Huang opened by introducing the rich resources of the school, including its online course website and international internship CV workshop; he stated that when participating in the workshop, it can be seen how serious all the students are about the internship opportunity. However, he also reminded the audience that the school only provides the platforms; students have to ensure their internship quality by themselves. Next, he walked the students through the essential documents they would need to prepare, such as residential ID, house allowance, social insurance, and bank account. He also explained the additional details and mandatory papers they would need, and passed on some tips for speeding up and simplifying these complicated procedures.

Online group photo.

Huang divided the subject of daily life into five categories: Accommodation, Telecommunication, Transportation, Supermarkets, and Foods. Students should identify their needs before they move into accommodation, including nearby transportation and commute distance. Students also need to pay attention to house insurance. Huang explained that in his own experience, he had not noticed the terms of the automatic contract renewal, and it cost quite a lot of effort to deal with the issue afterward. Therefore, he advised students to read the contract terms carefully to avoid loss of their rights. As for telecommunication, Huang provided a comparison between companies in terms of cost and signal strength. He explained that the light rail system and buses are the two primary means of transport in the area, and cycling is also a good option. He also recommended that students remember to prepare their shopping bags and shopping cards when doing a supermarket run. Huang talked about all the local supermarkets and showed the routes from the school to each one, as well as the time it took to travel there.

Huang demonstrated the KEDGE course selection system by logging into his account.

At the end of the seminar, Huang provided some valuable suggestions. Despite the personal items students need to bring, the documents they need to save on the cloud, and the lists they need to make, the most crucial point is to maintain a healthy mentality when alone abroad. There will be all sorts of situations that students will face, and so they need to learn to adapt, fix problems, and build up the ability to tolerate and cope with pressure and frustration. Huang finished by encouraging students to enjoy their time in the school and make friends from different cultures.

Explanation of accommodation in KEDGE.

Contributor ZHANG YA-QING, Department of Business Management / Edited by College of Management

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