【Event】The International Lounge: Healthy Rivalry with Healthy Food!

June 2nd, 2020 from 12:15-13:30PM, the International Programs Students Association held the “International Lounge” activity. Besides the fact that this event is organized to celebrate the end of a semester and classes with students, also, new candidates for the next Students Association (S.A.) were introduced. President and 2 Vice-Presidents will work innovatively and creatively as a team topositively promote mainly the IBMBA/GHRM MBA Program (in Taiwan, globally and online); aiming to build a brand image, internationalization and attract prospective students wishing to study in College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University.

Zhanna Samodurova, current President of S.A. started the event with an open speech. First of all, she thanked all students for supporting S.A. during the whole semester. Despite the fact that the spring term was affected by COVID-19 and did not have a large number of events announced by the Students Association at the beginning, students still had chance to participate in such kind of activities as “Love Nature” video contest, “Culture Shock in Taiwan” event, and online guest speaker lecture dedicated “to be a well prepared fresh graduate”.

Later the first Team with Hkawn San as President and Le Ngoc Bich Thuy and Jonathan Wang as Vice Presidents respectively presented their team members and their vision of the next Students Association. Joy’s team mentioned that next semester will be very intense and they have many ideas on how to make interaction with students and promotion of International Programs even more successful. Team 1 plans to encourage student – to – student interaction through social activities such as games and team building, parties and cultural activities. Moreover, the team intends to promote international programs through students’ creative art activities. The team also mentioned that launching sustainability related activities is on their top agenda. Furthermore, Team 1 plans to serve their fellow students through career development related programs.

The second team was represented by Elon Bar-Lev as a President and Sabina Ou with Charles Morton in the position of Vice Presidents. Despite the fact that currently Sabina Ou is in the UK, the team managed to record the video of her and show the message to students. The second team told students about the perspective of the next S.A. and emphasized that career events are related to that topic events are very important for the students and as potential leaders of S.A. they will try their best to look in that direction.

At the end of the “International Lounge” students could enjoy light food and drinks. These types of events help our IBMBA & GHRM MBA students be always in the center of the news and take an active part in the meaningful life of the university. Meanwhile, the upcoming 6th Students Association Elections for International Program will take place on 9th of June, 2020. We cannot wait to see the result and wish all our candidates good luck!