【Career】Office of Career Development and Fubon Securities collaborate to hold an information session on the “Campus Asset Management Talent Training Program”

National Sun Yat-sen University’s Office of Career Development and Fubon Securities collaborated to hold an information session on the “Campus Asset Management Talent Training Program”.

The program content will include theory, practice and career development sharing, and an intercampus exchange with National Chung Cheng University in the the last week.

On September 21, 2022, the Office of Career Development of National Sun Yat-sen University’s College of Management collaborated with Fubon Securities to hold an information session for the second “NSYSU College of Management x Fubon Securities: Campus Asset Management Talent Training Program”, attracting nearly 70 students interested in the asset management industry.

The objective of the Campus Asset Management Talent Training Program is to help students understand the career landscape of asset management professionals. Through basic theory, practical sharing, career development, group projects, and simulations, students will learn about ETFs, stocks, bonds, product development, and sustainable investment issues. The course will also include career talks from senior asset management professionals (researchers, fund managers and product managers). In their final presentations, students will use the knowledge and skills they learn in the course to simulate how managers operate and review and improve their investment portfolios. This year, there will be an intercampus exchange with students from National Chung Cheng University to learn from each other in the last week of the program.

Fubon Securities is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fubon Financial Holding Co., with assets under management of NT$424.7 billion as of August 2022. It has received numerous awards from professional organizations and is also actively involved in the Sustainability Vision Project. Through the sharing by Fubon Securities, students can learn professional knowledge of asset management industry and understand how asset management strategies implement ESG.

At the beginning of the event, NSYSU College of Management Associate Dean Jui-Kun Kuo delivered a speech, encouraging students who are interested in the capital management industry to use this program as an opportunity to learn the required competencies before entering the workforce, and to learn about the integration of investment trust in ESG in order to prepare for their future careers in advance. Shu-Mei Chen, Vice President of Fubon Securities, explained that Fubon Securities would share its practices and experiences in the asset management industry with the students during the program.

Next up was a presentation by Assistant Manager Wan-Ting Huang from Fubon Securities’ Business Planning Department, introducing Fubon Financial Holding and Fubon Securities’ committed to sustainable management in recent years. Under the four ESG strategies of “Low Carbon, Digital, Motivation, and Impact,” they help their investee companies transform sustainably, provide the best financial services, provide a friendly, healthy, and happy workplace, and connect with positive social forces. She introduced the division of labor, organizational structure and job content of the asset management industry. She also explained how asset managers can learn professional skills by acquiring licenses, ranging from investment advisor, securities investment analyst, to overseas asset management licenses, among others. Fubon Securities also actively encourages employees to pursue on-the-job training and provides incentives to encourage them to enhance their professional skills. She shared her career experience, including interesting stories of researching various industries as a researcher and what it is like to work in the asset management industry. Finally, she explained the key points of the program and what students need to do to learn and grow from the program.

At the end of the event, I-Ta Hsu, Investment Strategist at Fubon Securities, introduced the application of ESG in investment and its issues. He mentioned that the public’s understanding of CSR has changed from “increasing profits and pursuing the best interests of shareholders” to “environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance”. Nowadays, ESG has been integrated into the investment strategy of the securities industry, and carbon neutral, green energy, and environmental protection are all taken into consideration by investors. He also introduced the ESG cases of Apple, Nike and Tesla. At the end of the event, he shared his work experience, what fund managers do, how they think, and how they face risks and find opportunities.

“NSYSU College of Management x Fubon Securities: Campus Asset Management Talent Training Program” will send notice of admission on Thursday, September 29. The program will officially start on October 5, and the last class will be on December 14, the intercampus exchange final presentation of learning outcomes. We hope that participants will benefit from the program and have more ideas about the asset management industry and plans for their future careers.