Like most alumni, Leo Li(李柏賢) has started his career before continuing his study. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree from NKUHT’s Department of Airline and Transport Service Management, Leo did not think he would end up working in a bank. He even had no idea that banking is the industry for him. Seeing the banking industry pays attention to a candidate’s academic degree, it motivated him to pursue a master’s degree, especially Leo had his target locked in the wealth management department. While selecting a major, he thought it would have been useful if he could learn the international business and strengthen his English simultaneously. IBMBA answered his question.

He still vividly remembers how he was not used to be in the same room with many foreigners. However, during the IBMBA orientation days, he forced himself to start the conversation with some. Not mentioning how the professors in the college of management generally have tons of experiences, and they are able to teach both in English and Chinese. Leo admitted IBMBA has given quite an impact for his career. His unique experience did not stop there, especially after seeing his name on the list of ACT Global Program. ACT Global Program is a trilateral program that enables students to move to three universities in three continents, including University of Victoria, Canada, National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan and Johannes Kepler University in Austria. This program offers students a platform to develop International connections and construct solid knowledge in Business Management via doing Business in the schools’ respective regions. Moving from one country to another with the same group of people allowed him to experience different cultural backgrounds and ways of thinking. Also, the relationship between the ACT group is really tight, even until now. Every now and then there is a reunion, catching up to the others’ life and maintaining their friendships. Additionally, the ACT Global program has opened the opportunity to build more connection since some alumni are often invited to meet new students. For Leo, networking is very important.

Getting back into the banking industry, at first, he did not see what supports IBMBA had given to his working life. Turns out he had not realized the importance of having a wider perspective and understanding culture through a foreign language, which actually helped him communicating with overseas banks’ staffs and foreign businessmen. Leo is currently working at JP Morgan Asset Management, promoting products to fund managers and dealing with either idle funds or private capital, hence “communication” is his day-to-day job. Although it is not simple, he has continually trained to put himself in other people’s shoes by understanding new products’ benefits, doing tons of market research, persuading different kinds of people, and sharing thoughts with others. Using various approaches is the most efficient way to develop our knowledge.

For the whole IBMBA students, he suggested that being a student does not mean you have to stay in the class the whole time. If you can find the opportunity to go for an exchange do not miss it. By going abroad, you would gain more insights and experience, and would certainly be using English more often, and it is definitely going to be useful in the future. If you are able to find any kinds of internship opportunities, go for it.

Lastly, he emphasized three main things to develop personal’s skills:
– Never do anything inconsistently!
– Be brave to try something new!
– Do networking and listen to what the experts say!