【IBMBA】Local Students Orientation: We Welcome You

IBMBA / MAY 18, 2022

On May 6th, IBMBA & GHRM MBA held an online orientation event. At the local students’ orientation, alumni Justin (唐學智; IBMBA 105), the event’s host, begins the event that studying in the International Programs enables students to win a ticket to explore everything. 

It is such a pleasure to have Program Director Sher and Deputy Director Kim deliver the greeting speech. Director Sher mentioned International Programs provide various resources for students to exercise. Students from diverse studying backgrounds have opportunities to transform themselves here in his data analytics lab. Even though the student majored in English could be a data analyst afterward. In addition, Deputy Director Kim mentioned that after three years in the International Programs is happy to meet students studying here. She will teach lectures including International Marketing, Research Methodology, and Seminar in Business Management next semester. She looks forward to seeing students in her courses.

Later on, Alumni Patrick (劉家誠; IBMBA 105) introduced the IBMBA program. He pointed out that maintaining harmonious relationships with classmates is vital because they were who helped him to get employed in two jobs. Some to-be students are curious about dual degree and exchange program applications; all alumni pointed out that getting as high a TOEFL or IELTS score as possible makes the application process smoother.

Alumni Amber (許亞庭; IBMBA 105) encouraged first-year students to network with others in the alumni sharing section. For instance, she got an internship offer based on social connections, in the same vein as Patrick mentioned that classmates in the International Programs have a special relationship with us. As for suggestions for choosing the thesis advisor, she recommended we consider our thesis’s aim and meet with some professors before deciding. Her extracurricular experience of being a member of the Student Association improves her organizational ability, which is also applicable in her current career.

Alumni Felix Chen (陳柏村; IBMBA 106) found it fascinating to meet different people studying here and listen to their exciting life experiences. To properly exercise the resources at NSYSU, he chose to exchange the university in Japan to strengthen his language skills. It sharpens his Japanese proficiency by studying lectures taught in Japanese. After graduating from IBMBA, he started his business, Der ZÖMAR, in 2019. “Nothing is more important than courage to start the business.” 

Gary (袁子修; IBMBA 108) shared his experiences participating in the Hult Prize business competition. Studying at IBMBA sharpens his slides producing skills. Moreover, his team got first place at Air Liquide Summer School. The cross-cultural communication ability and teamwork of group projects trained at IBMBA made him stand out during the event. He interns at Air Liquide Manager Office, which benefits him to network with higher positions managers to learn from them. He encourages students to achieve their limits by taking challenging courses. 

From our beloved alumni, Justin, Patrick, Amber, Felix, and Gary’s sharing, students are better off experiencing contrasting things to broaden their horizons. All in all, the time of being a student is a precious period for trial and error. We are better off trying as many items as we can and learning lessons whether these trials are successful or not.

(Written by Teresa Chan)