【110-2 SA】 2022 Online Graduation Ceremony

On Thursday, May 26, the Student Association of International Programs at NSYSU organized a graduation ceremony for students who are graduating from IBMBA and GHRM MBA programs in 2022, which, given the current COVID-19 situation, had to be moved to the online meeting via Zoom. The event lasted for one hour and all 58 graduates with their families, as well as numerous faculty members were invited to join this meeting.

Dean Yeh’s blessing for the graduates

The ceremony had been opened by a speech delivered by dean Yeh, who praised the graduates for all their hard work and effort and wished them lots of achievements in their careers. Blessings from other professors followed – along with the program director Chien-Yuan Sher and deputy director Jeeyeon Kim, we also heard nice words from professors Mia Ho, Francois Bouchetoux, Ryan Brading, and Wil Martens. Everyone has had nothing but good experiences with our graduates and wishes them a successful and fruitful future.

Students were also very satisfied with the program and in their representative speech for all students of the College of Management, IBMBA student Yvonne Liu from Taiwan and GHRM MBA student Michal Poláček from the Czech Republic used the opportunity to thank all the professors, faculty members, and classmates for two unforgettable years of their lives.

The event was finished with the graduates’ roll call in both Chinese and English, followed by a photo slideshow – a little surprise made by the SA team. The video showed many photos which brought back old memories and it was a little challenging to hold back the emotions when watching it. Before we said goodbye, the graduates were given a small gift as a thank you for studying and contributing to NSYSU.

Slideshow for the graduates

Even though the ceremony was held online, we were very happy to see the graduates and our faculty members, at least through the computer screen. We wish all the graduates good luck and lots of achievements, no matter where they go.

( Written by Jan Souřezný )