【Career】Deloitte Taiwan and NSYSU College of Management collaborate on Risk Advisory Talent Cultivation Program

The National Sun Yat-sen University’s College of Management and Deloitte Taiwan’s Risk Advisory Department have jointly launched the “Risk Advisory Management Talent Cultivation Program”, which attracted nearly 40 students interested in risk advisory consulting. After an internal review, 20 students were selected to participate in the program. In recent years, the College of Management has actively cooperated with major companies, providing students with many opportunities to enter the industry early and accumulate practical experience and industry connections, thereby narrowing the gap between theory and practice.

This collaboration is with Deloitte Taiwan’s Risk Advisory Department. Deloitte Taiwan is the largest management consulting firm in Taiwan, covering areas such as sustainable development, financial risk, computer auditing, digital transformation, digital strategy, and big data analysis, with a 10-20% market share in the management consulting field. The parent company Deloitte is the world’s largest professional services organization with abundant resources, numerous international professionals, and a multi-aspect competitive advantage, including integration access of cross-industry strategic partners. Management consulting has always been one of the employment goals of students in the College of Management, and Deloitte, as an industry leader, is the best choice for students to gain in-depth understanding of the management consulting industry.

On February 24th, students from the College of Management visited Deloitte’s Kaohsiung office for outdoor teaching, while the “Risk Advisory Management Talent Cultivation Program” officially began. Deputy Dean Jui-Kun Kuo of the College of Management delivered a speech encouraging students to make good use of career resources, absorb new knowledge from the industry, and enhance their competitiveness in the workplace. This was followed by a speech from Deloitte Taiwan’s Vice President Craig Yang, who spoke about the characteristics of consultants and career development, as well as how to handle the massive amounts of data in the era of technology and big data applications. Yang introduced risk consulting to the students and interacted with them, sharing how to use digital technology (big data, automation, AI) to help companies solve shortcomings, such as tracking accounts receivable, assessing overdue risks when taking orders, and predicting potential risks that have not yet occurred.

In his speech, Yang mentioned the perspective that “stories without numbers and numbers without stories are meaningless”, meaning that when making decisions, there must be data and stories to support them. He also emphasized the importance of risk consulting, especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Consultants must be familiar with various industries, understand the latest regulations and laws, and make appropriate risk management strategies. For example, Deloitte Taiwan’s digital transformation team and Fubon Life have created the “LIFE Lab.” for life design, where customers can plan their life goals and receive relevant consulting services, also learning about how insurance would play parts in their lives via educative games, instead of linking the concept of insurance with accidents and mishappenings.

Vice President Yang also shared facts about a day in the life of consultants with the students. They need to handle a large amount of data, undergo precise analysis and evaluation, and communicate with clients to solve their business problems. Data only has value when collected purposefully. The consulting industry is not just opening for clients to come, but actively seeking business opportunities and building networks through seminars and internal communications. Although it is a challenging job, consultants always work hard, maintain their professionalism and patience, and provide clients with the best possible advice and solutions.

This speech provided an opportunity for students to gain a deeper understanding of the business of Deloitte Taiwan. In addition to learning how consultants establish a roadmap, analyze, and solve problems in stages, they also learned about the operations of the risk consulting department and the daily lives of consultants. Moreover, Vice President Yang’s speech provided valuable practical experience and advice for students, including how to use data and storytelling to support their decisions when making decisions. The students’ response to the lecture was enthusiastic, and while they gained a lot, they also had a better understanding of the management consulting industry environment and characteristics, as well as the importance of risk consulting in today’s rapidly changing business environment.