【Career】Shopee Campus Recruitment Sharing

On 29 April, the Office of Career Development together with Shopee co-organized a hybrid (virtual and physical) sharing of Shopee Global Leaders Program and Apprentice Program recruitment programs.

Shopee’s Background

Starting off the session,  Shopee’s People Team staff Mr. Chang, provided the students with the background of Shopee, and how it started. Shopee is an e-commerce platform under the SEA Group. The SEA Group was established in 2009, with its headquarters in Singapore. In 2015, Shopee was launched in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

After a quick introduction of Shopee, Mr. Chang moved the sharing towards the main focus of today, Shopee’s recruitment programs. First up, is the Global Leaders Program. Shopee’s Global Leaders Program is a 2-year program for graduate talents, comprising four 6-month rotations in different business functions. Graduates will experience strong professional growth from structured training, and gain critical skills to take up leadership roles in Shopee at the end of the program.

Vincent participating in Shopee’s 11-11 and 12-12 event

The next recruitment program was the Shopee Apprentice Program. The Shopee Apprentice Program is an internship program specially designed to accelerate and develop high-performing talents through high-impact projects, specialized learning & development training, and mentorships led by Shopee leaders.

For Shopee’s recruitment sharing, we have also invited one of NSYSU’s alumni, Yuan-Kai Lee Vincent, to share with us his experience in Shopee. Those who have participated in the alumni sharing “Joining your desired company is no longer just a dream?” organized by the Office of Career Development back in March, should find Vincent familiar. Graduated from NSYSU’s College of Management, Global Human Resource English MBA program, Vincent joined Shopee in 2021, helming the HR Business Partner position. Focused on the main topic of Shopee’s recruitment program, Vincent started his sharing with a quick introduction to Shopee’s organization structure and his area of work, before moving on to the main structure of his sharing, how to prepare your CV and interview tips.

When you are preparing your resume, you may consider going to Google to look at some of the CV samples. Through the samples, you can identify what are some of the information that is crucial for your CV, such as personal achievement, internship experience, school clubs and events that you have participated in or organized, competitions that you have joined, and the skills that you have, etc. Your CV should also be customized based on the position that you are applying for, instead of using one template for all jobs.

As for interview opportunities, apart from the traditional ways of job search like the company website and recruitment platforms, you should also expand your network by attending career seminars and establishing connections with industry professionals. Such seminars are a good way to increase your chance of landing a job. When interviewing for a job, specifically for the self-introduction, you should make good use of this airtime to find a connection between you and the job, such as what are the common traits, skills, experiences, etc, that you share with the job that you are applying for. All of these would help the interviewers know that you are the right person that they are looking for.

Vincent sharing some interview tips

Towards the end of the sharing, Vincent addressed some of the questions that were raised by the students during the Q&A segment. One of the questions that we directed to Vincent was “how can students better prepare themselves while they are schooling”. Regarding this question, Vincent emphasized the importance of attending career seminars. Apart from knowing more about the job that you are interested in through the seminar, you can also find out what are the skills that the companies are looking for. After knowing more, you can start to look out for training or courses that would equip you with the required competencies. On top of attending career seminars, you should also make good use of the time during your holidays to look out for internship opportunities. Through internships, you will be able to learn more about your dream job, depending on your performance during the internship period, you may even have the chance of getting a full-time job offer after the end of your internship.

We would also like to take this chance to thank Shopee for joining us to share with the students on the career opportunities at Shopee.

 (Written by Andy Teo from GHRM MBA)

Group photo