【Information Management】04/08 Information Session for Incoming Masters Students

In order to let incoming students know more about the Department of Information Management, the professors’ research direction, and the charm of National Sun Yat-sen University, the Department held an in-person information session on April 8, 2022 as well as a live webcast.

Group photo of the event

At the beginning of the information session, Professor Fen-Hui Lin, Head of the Department Information Management, introduced the characteristics of the department and gave students some words of encouragement. Then, the professors of the department introduced their fields and specializations to let students have a better understanding of the department and of which professors they might choose for their thesis advisor.

Showing the video “NSYSU Information Management – Number 1 in the Country!”

The highlight of the event was the introduction of the Management Information Systems (MIS) course taught by Professor Tun-Ching Lin. The MIS class allows students to participate in the activities of “NSYSU Information Management – Number 1 in the Country!”. In the event, “Spread the Love of Siwan,” the activities vary each year according to the students’ creative ideas. Some of the activities that have been conducted in previous years include: love hugs flash mobs, adoption drives for stray dogs, beach clean-ups and community services, etc, allowing students to take responsibility for their own role in implementing University Social Responsibility (USR).

Current Information Management students introduce the food around the school

In addition, the presentation also included a video of the NSYSU Department of Information Management’s history, as well as recommendations for good food and fun and scenic spots near NSYSU, allowing participants to gain a better understanding of both the department and National Sun Yat-sen University. Students also interacted with each other through quiz games on the “Kahoot!” educational technology and game learning platform.

An interactive game of Kahoot!

In the second half of the presentation, one or two current students from each lab were invited to the stage to give a brief introduction and lead the students on a tour of the each of the Department of Information Management’s labs. Through this, incoming students understood more about the contents of each lab as well as the research areas of the labs and professors. They also took the opportunity to ask the current students questions about the labs and graduate student life.

Current Information Management students introduce the research direction of the labs

At the end of the event, the current students also led the new students to Sizihwan Seawall to play in the sand and experience the life of NSYSU students. The whole event was filled with laughter, and we believe that the incoming students went home with a lot of expectations and ideas about their future life in graduate school after this information session.

Playing in the sand and waves at Sizihwan