【Interview】GHRM MBA Student:Pei-yu Hung

2019-05-08/GHRM MBA

Dear Friends,
Today we are glad to share Pei’s story of studies at NSYSU and quite a few exchange programs!

Pei was born and raised in Kaohsiung. For her bachelor’s she studied Political Science and International Relations. Pei has very proactive personality and she is crazy about learning languages.

It was back in 2016 when Pei started thinking about her career and plans for future job. She has been working as a junior editor for a magazine for some time already when someone in her family passed this piece of information about GHRM English MBA Program at NSYSU to Pei, which made her think of the program. Having a more social science background, she wasn’t a big fan of business studies, but then Pei says she thought to herself “Hey, I think Human Resource Management is more about getting to know how people act in their daily professional life, I think I can deal with it… and it’s only a full-English interview away. So why not?” and that’s how she became part of GHRM family.

After her first year at NSYSU, Pei went for Exchange Program in Sweden and continued in the UK for her dual degree studies at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) right after it. Pei didn’t stop there and went on for an 8-month internship in Germany. What Pei likes the most about her studies at NSYSU in general is the amount of opportunities offered, as for the favorite class, Pei says it’s “Work and Culture” with Professor David McConville. “I’m always very into cultural studies and how people bring their culture into their professional life. The course was very informative and fun” she explains.

GHRM MBA Program taught Pei not only academic knowledge, but practical skills along with team-working and understanding the individual differences through group-learning and group assignments. Pei says: “I learned how people are all special in their own field. Some friends from my year and I found a perfect pattern of working together and I learned to respect others more. Special thanks to Luna, Ariel, Chris aka Steve, Jamie, Linda, Lulu and my friends from the HRM program, they were being helpful all the way and they delivered some solid performance throughout their studies.”

We wish Pei good luck with thesis writing and all future adventures!

Pei-yu Hung(2nd from left)