【IBMBA】The Online Seminar for IBMBA Local Freshmen

IBMBA of the college of management, NSYSU is ready to welcome the freshmen next semester, and it held the first online seminar for the local freshmen before enrollment. At the beginning of the seminar, students were first introduced to the IBMBA program, its ranking and positioning in the world. IBMBA is ranked 85th in the 2020 Financial Times Master in Management, 14th in Asia and no. 1 in Taiwan. IBMBA program coordinator Yvonne said that after enrolling, students can not only participate in courses taught in English in IBMBA, but also interact and study with foreign students in the classes and experience the international learning environment; they can also seize the opportunity to apply for dual degree programs stretching from America, Asia and Europe. For example, the dual degree in cooperation with KEDGE Business School which is in the top 10 in France is only open for application to IBMBA students, in addition, the courses offered by the college of management, NSYSU are also open to all IBMBA students. Studying for IBMBA, you are able to acquire the business management knowledge and have abundant opportunities to obtain dual degrees from prestigious foreign universities.

Li Tan – Liya, the third year of IBMBA student, who has just completed a dual degree in International Business at the BSB Burgundy School of Business in France, and has just returned to IBMBA in NSYSU, shared her experience of studying in France; because the main campus is located in Dijon, the environment is safe and peaceful, and the transportation is very convenient, also there is a vineyard near BSB makes the learning environment is more comfortable, and the BSB courses are very solid, international students make up 25% of the total number of students, it let the class to be more cross-cultural stimulation in learning. Regarding the thesis, Liya shared that if students cannot find an advisor, BSB also provides services to help students assign professors so that students can complete their studies at Burgundy School of Business more smoothly. Liya encourages everyone not to miss courses on sustainable development-related topics when attending the BSB class, because the EU is now focusing on the sustainable development goals of enterprises, and the EU is also the world leader in this regard. Students should use the resources provided by BSB to think more about sustainable development issues. At the end of the sharing, Liya emphasized how to protect yourself, pay attention to local news, and learn about local medical resources are very important, so that you can focus on your studies more at ease under the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

TzuHsiu Yuan – Gary, an IBMBA second year student who has just finished his internship in the Risk Consulting Department of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, also had an internship in the General Manager’s Office of Air Liquide, Gary then shared his experience regarding participating in internships and business competitions. Gary said that the main reason he got the internship opportunity was that he participated in various courses during his studies at IBMBA and the college of management of NSYSU, which consolidated his knowledge of business management so that he could use a more complete and logical narrative to convince the interview supervisor during the interview, then get an internship opportunity in a foreign company. Because the practical experience learned in the internship in foreign companies was applied to the subsequent Hult Prize business competition, Gary and his teammates won second place regionally, which everything is interlinked. Gary then encourages future freshmen, do not miss any learning opportunities that can make you powerful while studying at IBMBA, seizing the time stayed in IBMBA and NSYSU during the upcoming two years!

At the end of the seminar, Yvonne said that IBMBA is located in the beautiful XiziWan, with unique magnificent mountains and seas. It is an academic institution that can relieve the pressure of studying. Students can also expand their horizons and make foreign friends through the international environment of the college of management. Yvonne hopes that  IBMBA students can all become international talents that the global business market is seeking for after two years of solid study in NSYSU!