【Interview】IBMBA Alumni Dieu Huyen (Class of 2013)

“The professors, who taught me at NSYSU, provided me knowledge, skills, and awareness in the learning process. They also guided me with the method to approach English learning through different research papers from the researcher all over the world. I am extremely grateful to them. At NSYSU, I gained confidence by giving presentations in the classes and obtained more problems solving skills through learning case study”, said Dieu Huyen, our alumni from IBMBA 102.

Dieu Huyen is currently living and working in Hanoi, Vietnam. she owns a small coffee shop in the city. The coffee shop is a cozy place, where customers will be able to socialize in a relaxing environment as they can enjoy traditional Vietnamese coffee. Although her working routine repeats day by day, she feels happy because she can enroll herself in real-life business, be her own boss, and share great coffee with the customers. Being a small business owner gives her the opportunities to apply the knowledge she had learned in NSYSU, from accounting, finance to management.

Sharing about how she found IBMBA, she said that a Taiwanese teacher introduced her about NSYSU. She had been told that College of Management, NSYSU is one of the top business schools in Taiwan, and she has searched our university website then found out our IBMBA. From the Website, Dieu Huyen knew that the program is related to her Bachelor’s Degree, and it is fully taught in English.

In the beginning, it was a little hard for Dieu Huyen to fit in because the course arrangements between Taiwan and Vietnam are different. In Vietnam, she only had a midterm and final exams for most of the subjects, whereas in Taiwan that lots of homework, presentations, tests, and reviews are all counted for the final results. She studied very hard and had to pay attention and put more efforts into studying compare with studying in Vietnam. The IBMBA professors also required students to read many documents in English. This helped Huyen improved her English and promptly caught up with the latest knowledge in the world. In classes, she was assigned to groups to work on different case studies; at the end, she gained many problems solving skills. During these times, she met and had many good friends and classmates, who always supported her.

Dieu Huyen’s everyday hobby is reading online news. She is also fond of designing the Website and has self studied to do it by herself, as a result, she used to work as a Website Manager at VAE language center, in Nha Trang, Vietnam, before entering the IBMBA program. Dieu Huyen loves hanging out with her friends, doing exercises, and walking with her dog. These activities help her with weight loss and reduce her stress. Recently, she is interested in cooking and has signed up to study further in a vocational school.

Dieu Huyen has a passion for tennis. She said tennis is very similar to table tennis, the sport which she used to play as a professional junior player in Vietnam. In NSYSU, she participated in a club, which provided her a tennis training course. Her impression of this club was club members took the lesson intensely, and they were all enthusiastic; it made Dieu Huyen felt like she was in a professional sports center.

“Coming back to hassle life in Hanoi, sometimes I wish I were in Sizihwan (where NSYSU located), the atmosphere there is extremely tranquil and serene, which greatly lives up to my expectation,” Dieu Huyen shared her impression with the campus life.

Regarding advices for the students, she said the graduation certificate is like a concert ticket, the ticket for you to enter Broadway theater. However, it does not mean you can stay there till the end of the concert if there is misbehavior. She also mentioned that no matter you work at a small enterprises or a public sector, you should always consider how much you can learn from the job; how long and how far you can go with that job. Last but not least, Dieu Huyen mentioned that reading is essential and helpful to gain knowledge while studying at IBMBA, NSYSU. It is a bit theoretical and students have to think further then apply these theories into a realistic case in business. This tip may help the students to avoid making mistakes in their future working career.

Interviewee: Phung Dieu Huyen
Class: IBMBA103
Finalized by Alex Dang