【IBMBA & GHRM】Guest Lecture – H@L Architecture Research and Design

Tomasz Sniedziewski and Huang, Kuang Chung

On 30th April 2021, Dr. Ryan Brading invited our alumni IBMBA Mr. Tomasz Sniedziewski, as well as his business partner/architect Huang, Kuang-Chung – to share their experiences, strategies, successes, and current challenges – with the students attending the courses: ‘Sustainability of Global Enterprise’, ‘Entrepreneurship Management and Practice’, and ‘Productions and Operations Management’. This lecture described how architecture urbanism research and design is directly connected with key innovation and sustainability issues, which were to some degree analyzed and discussed during the syllabuses of the three courses.  For example, how they designed traffic and sidewalk routes in order to promote the tourism industry in Kenting without affecting the environment.

The lecture was divided into three sections. Firstly, they introduced some of the projects they have completed by emphasizing how they successfully managed these projects.  This was followed by a Q&A session.  Students had many interesting questions.  For example, they asked what the new modern attitudes in architecture are; what are the new sustainable materials in the construction industry; and what type of competition an architectural business has to deal with in this market. These diverse questions came from students from different courses. From Architect Huang and Mr. Sniedziewski’s experience and knowledge, students had this unique opportunity to learn new ways of analyzing in real life how sustainability projects, operational practices and entrepreneurial strategies take place.

In the last section, students were divided into three groups.  The guest speakers asked the groups to brainstorm how they would solve an urban project in Hyderabad, India. This project consisted of creating new recreational spaces around the river of this city. As part of their plans, groups considered key issues such as religion practices, weather conditions and physical surroundings.

These groups came out with many interesting ideas. Architect Huang and Mr. Sniedziewski showed a lot of conviction and work ethics during this lecture. Students showed that they enjoyed this opportunity very much because it was very practical and unusual.