【 HRM】Institute of Human Resource Management ties alliance with Aurora Cloud to cultivate 150 HR talents in 2 years (Discover NSYSU)

(Provided by Institute of Human Resource Management) With the advent of the post-epidemic era, AI and data application have become trends of the digital transformation era. According to a survey conducted by KPMG, a world-renowned consulting firm, data analysis will become an important cornerstone in HR management in the future. Institute of Human Resource Management (HRM), NSYSU, represented by Director Nai-Wen Chi, and Aurora Cloud under the Aurora Group, represented by General Manager of the Business Division Chin-Pao Lin, signed a cooperation agreement to jointly cultivate professionals in HR data analysis and assist enterprises in digital transformation in human resources. Both parties will start cooperating in case study courses, research projects, platform systems authorization, and talent cultivation to nurture over 150 HR professionals over the period of two years.

Director Chi said that HR digital analysis has been a focus in the recent transformation and development of the Institute of HRM at NSYSU. Besides the data analysis group of the Asia-Pacific Human Resource Management Program, the Institute also established a course in HR data analysis to teach students to apply technologies and software for statistical analysis commonly applied in HR data analysis to analyze real-life data in groups. Director Chi said that in the future, the students of this course will analyze the data provided by Aurora Cloud, combining academic capacity with the data of the industry to help the industry recruit talents, train employees, and manage performance for a more in-depth analysis of HR data to further forecast and develop a more precise management strategy.

General Manager Lin said that the future role of HR will become more active than passive and that HR departments will play a strategic role in enterprises. Such technologies in HR as Big Data or AI can help investigate problems in the organizational development and provide strategic advice. The HR system and AI interview system authorized by Aurora Cloud will be available for the faculty and students of the Institute of HRM for teaching and research. The systems include many important HR data and indicators. It is expected that the cooperation with academic teams will result in more innovative values and applications to increase the predictive capability of the industry in talent management.

The Institute of HRM stated that Aurora’s business philosophy focuses on giving back to society and thus, it is committed to cultivating future digital HR talents and that the AI interview system has been adopted in many well-known companies of the technological industry, manufacturing, and financial holding groups to improve the efficiency and accuracy of talent selection, and has a wide range of applications, including university recruitment, reserve staff, and overseas recruitment. AI-assisted recruitment has become a popular trend in HR management. The Institute of HRM and Aurora Cloud are expected to jointly organize an AI interview workshop and courses and seminars on the digital transformation trends, taught by a team of lecturers from Aurora Cloud on campus to allow students to experience the latest trends and systems in their future workplace.

(Edited by Public Affairs Division)