Hult Prize NSYSU Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Proposal Competition On Board!

The College of Management at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) aims to be the model of Business Education in Asia. We are fully committed to the education of ethics, social responsibility, sustainable development, and cultivating relevant talents. Since 2018, we have published The Corporate Sustainability Report for four consecutive years and set up the Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions (ORSA). In order to implement the social responsibility of the college of management, the Office of Career Development assisted the students in the College of Management and Hult Prize to organize the briefing session for IBMBA class, which was held on 14th September 2022.

The briefing session was co-organized with Professor Lu’s and Professor Li’s IBMBA course “Business Ethics and Social Responsibility”. The briefing was conducted by the campus director, I-Ting Wu from the Department of Finance. The Hult Prize and the OnCampus Program at NSYSU were introduced to the IBMBA students. IBMBA student Thuy Nguyen, who won third place in the Hult Prize Campus Competition last year, also shared her experience during the competition.

The Hult Prize was created with the objective of allowing new generations to reimagine the future of business. Some may even deem the Hult Prize to be the equivalent of a Nobel Prize. The event was also dedicated to creating high-impact social enterprises that can achieve 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the United Nations. 

The Hult Prize competition is split into four different stages. First, the competing teams would have to compete against each other through the OnCampus Program at NSYSU. After which, the winning team will proceed to the Regional Summits. If they pass the third stage, they will then move on to the Global Accelerator. The final stage of the competition would be the Global Final. 

The first stage of the competition, OnCampus Program, will be held by NSYSU at the end of the year. The team who wins will receive a reward of 5000 NTD and represent NSYSU in the second stage, Regional Summits. Regional Summits will be made up of teams from around the world. Each team will present their plans to the judges, and the final winners will earn a spot at Global Accelerator, which is an intensive 6-week program that invites experts to guide the teams and enhance their proposals in preparation for the final stage. The top six teams of the third stage will be selected to compete in the Final World Series, Global Final, where they pit against each other to become the winner of USD 1 million. 

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(Written by Hult Prize Club, proofread by College of Management 2022.09.19)