【Interview】GHRM MBA Alumnus:Marc Christopher Hermanski

2019-04-24/GHRM MBA/Mayya Achyldurdyyeva

Today we are providing an interview with one of our recent alumni Mr. Marc Hermanski.

Marc is originally from Germany, he is Taiwanese from maternal side and German from father’s side. Mr. Hermanski has spent his entire childhood in Germany and worked for a couple of months in China after undergraduate studies. This working experience lit up interest to get to know more about maternal routes and Marc decided to come to southern Taiwan for master’s degree. He had several interviews with some universities and decided to study at NSYSU’s GHRM English MBA Program, because it was the best fit. “Environment of the campus is wonderful, everyone is super friendly, willing to help and everything is really convenient, moreover the diverse group of students are making up a great study environment” – Marc recalls those good times we spent together at NSYSU.

As Marc knew Chinese to some extent before he came to Taiwan it was not a great challenge for him, but he still attended the free Chinese classes NSYSU offered and would highly recommend, because “the NSYSU Chinese Language Center is doing a great job in teaching. The provided materials that are easy to follow. Keep on track and try to speak and go to places where you are forced to talk Chinese”.

Marc has obtained our GHRM MBA degree this January, 2019 and is now back to Germany, as he has already found a job at BLUFIXX GmbH in the chemical industry. His job as a business development manager is it to find new market opportunities as well as consult the CEO in any strategic question.

We appreciate Marc’s desire to share his experience and wish him success in all occasions.

Marc Hermanski
Marc Hermanski with friends
Marc Hermanski cares about children issues
Marc Hermanski