◎ 【Student】New Southbound Cross-Sector Leadership Workshop

To connect academia and industry in Vietnam and Taiwan, the College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University(NSYSU) hosted the “New Southbound Cross-Sector Leadership Workshop” for the first time during March 5th and 14th, 2019. A total of 94 GeMBA faculty and students from Hanoi Campus and Ho Chi Minh City Campus of FPT University were invited to attend the workshop. The leadership courses were designed according to their needs, including Harvard Business School (HBS) case studies and visits to multinational companies in Kaohsiung. Participants learned tremendously during the two four-day sessions of intensive training.

GeMBA students from FPT University in Vietnam are either middle-level or senior-level managers or small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) owners. They participated in this workshop in the hope to acquire entrepreneurial capabilities through the faculty and curriculum organized by the College of Management, NSYSU. The workshop covered, for instance, how to make the proper decisions when there are ethical and managerial conflicts. The workshop lecturers from NSYSU included Professor Jack Hsu (徐士傑) who is the Director of the EMBA Program (Department of Information Management), Professor Jason Huang (黃賀) who is the former Vice President of the Office of International Affairs (Department of Business Administration), South Korean Assistant Professor Young-Jin Ko (高永鎮) (IBMBA Program), and Vice President Michael Lee (李政傑) of ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. who is also an alumus from EMBA program,NSYSU. In addition, the NSYSU’s College of Management even arranged to have Mr. Wei-Kun Kuo (郭暐堃) of China Steel Corporation, Director Chris Chen (陳孟吾) of the Human Resource & Administrative Division of TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd, and General Manager Yue-Ming Tung (董悅明) of Orient Semiconductor Electronics Group to personally receive the participants during their visit to the companies, making the participants feel valued and prioritized.

The workshop began with the HBS case study lectured by Professor Jack Hsu to lead the discussion among participants on 《Lee and Li, Attorneys-at-Law and the Embezzlement of NT$3 Billion by Eddie Liu》. The discussion helped the participants learn how to make decisions as a company leader when facing different stakeholders and determine if the decisions comply with their corporate ethics. Assistant Professor Young-Jin Ko shared his personal experience in the case study—《The Paradox of Samsung’s Rise》, analyzing the leadership style at Samsung Group. Professor Ko mentioned that Korean enterprises have been encouraged by the Korean Government to be actively involved in Vietnam. As a result, many Korean enterprises have set up branch offices or factories in Vietnam. One of the participants attending the workshop is the Director of the Human Resource Division at the Samsung Hanoi Office. Hence, the discussion actually resonated with the participants.

Professor Jason Huang gave a lecture on ethics, leadership and decision-making. He pointed out that under the catalysis of utilitarianism, leaders would adopt multiple decision-making models. Regardless of the model adopted, a true leader needed to take into consideration the ethics of the heart. Through group discussion and sharing of personal experience, Professor Huang guided the participants to reflect upon the true meaning of leadership and how they could improve their leadership style in the hope that the participants could become the ideal leaders in their or others’ minds.

Vice President Michael Lee of ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd. shared his 35 years of working at the company as an engineer, a supervisor to as a Vice President. Moreover, he also shared with the participant a workplace personality test to help the participants understand what types of leader they were, allowing them to figure out what kind of leadership style was appropriate for them. Besides, Lee also mentioned that leaders should have the ability to read body language in order to tell others’ feelings through observing small actions and learn how their decisions could have an impact on others’ feelings. Since Lee’s lecture was lively and interesting, the participants picked up many leadership tips through actual exercises.

The College of Management, NSYSU had also arranged for the participants to visit local companies, including China Steel Corporation, TAIFLEX Scientific Co., Ltd, and Orient Semiconductor Electronics Group. Through the company introduction and the question and answer sessions hosted by the respective company representative, the participants got to learn about Taiwanese corporate culture and Taiwanese leadership style, integrating with the knowledge and concept they acquired during the workshop. As the workshop came to a successful close, the participants had all expressed positive feedback and their hope for different academic collaboration with the College of Management, NSYSU in the future.

At last, The Dean of the College of Management San-Yih Hwang (黃三益) especially extended his gratitude and appreciation to the staff and students who had worked so hard to make the workshop work, including the Manager of Office of International Affair of the college Cindy Lin (林欣郁) and the assistant Ting-Yu Lin (林庭瑜), PhD candidates in the department of business management: Nguyen Tuan Duong, Le Mai Huong, and Vo Hoang Kim An who acted as interpreters, students: Gloria Yeh (葉侑貞), Linh Trang Vu, Thi Ai Lieu Nguyen, Thao Nguyen Thu Phan, and Trinh Thi Duyen Anh who helped organize the activities hosted by the workshop, as well as President Remco Yannick Robin Peters, Vice President Justine Jude Cerpo Pura and Amber Hsu (許亞庭) of IBMBA Student Association of the College. Dean Hwang also pointed out that the students from the College of Management had always been extremely energetic and it was worthy of commendation for their active involvement in school affairs.

Opening Ceremony Group Picture for the “New Southbound Cross-Sector Leadership Workshop” hosted by the College of Management, NSYSU
Professor Jack Shih-Chieh Hsu (徐士傑) , Director of the EMBA Program, College of Management, NSYSU giving a lecture on the Harvard Business School (HBS) case study
Active discussion and participation by participants in the workshop
Group discussion by participants outside the classroom
Assistant Professor Young-Jin Ko (高永鎮) sharing his personal experience in the case study and analyzing Samsung Group leadership style
General Manager Yue-Ming Tung (董悅明) of Orient Semiconductor Electronics Group
Visit to China Steel Corporation

Behind the Scene Photos:https://photos.app.goo.gl/5jYZNH37vKcUGosy9

First Session- Documentary Video of Participants from FPT University GeMBA Hanoi Campus

Second Session- Documentary Video of Participants from FPT University GeMBA Ho Chi Minh City Campus