【Eduniversal】7 Degree Programs in the College of Management at NSYSU Make the List of 2021 Eduniversal Best Masters & MBAs Ranking

The College of Management at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) has been ranked third in Taiwan in Eduniversal’s Business School Ranking of the top 1,000 business schools in the world; it has been awarded level 4 “Palmes of Excellence” status along with National Chengchi University (NCCU). Eduniversal recently announced the Best Masters & MBAs Ranking 2021, in which seven programs in the College of Management at NSYSU made the list. In 2021, Eduniversal adopted a new theme: creative management, innovation, and design thinking. The organization’s Best Masters & MBAs Ranking is also highly selective, as not all programs surveyed and evaluated by Eduniversal are ranked. The ranking is based on an analysis of the educational offerings of nearly 4,000 schools and universities from 154 countries and regions. Given these key factors, the ranking result reaffirms the College of Management at NSYSU as an outstanding business school with a continuous and deepening international influence.

All seven degree programs have made the list again, with different rankings from last year. The ranking results are as follows: the Executive MBA is ranked 29th in Far East Asia and 4th in Taiwan; the MBA program in the Institute of Human Resource Management is ranked 7th in the category of Human Resources Management in Far East Asia; the MBA in the Institute of Marketing Communication is ranked 10th in the Corporate Communication category in Far East Asia; and the Master of Health Care Management program in the Department of Business Management has had an excellent result, being ranked 93rd worldwide in Health Management. The three programs mentioned above are also the only programs in Taiwan that made the list for each category. Furthermore, the Department of Information Management has been ranked 18th in the Information Systems Management category in Far East Asia and 6th in Taiwan. The MBA programs in the Institute of Public Affairs Management and the Department of Finance also appear on the list; the former has been ranked 19th in Far East Asia and 2nd in Taiwan in the Public Administration/Management category, and the latter has ranked 24th in Far East Asia and 4th in Taiwan in the Corporate Finance category.

Eduniversal’s Best Masters & MBAs Ranking is based on three criteria: the reputation of the program, the salary of graduates’ first employment, and student satisfaction. Five points maximum are given for each. In terms of the reputation of the program, 50% of this score is based on the opinions of recruiters, and the other half on the “Palmes of Excellence” level that the school attained the year before. For the salary of first employment, the score is based on the information provided by each program. The score of student satisfaction comes from a survey completed by students; this can only be scored when a minimum of 10% of the students in a given program reply. By adding the points from each of the three criteria, each program is given its final score. The programs in the College of Management that made the list are all ranked with an outstanding three stars (a final score of 9 to 11.99).

Eduniversal currently has two rankings: the world’s top 1,000 business schools (Business School Ranking) and the Best Masters & MBAs Ranking. It is dedicated to selecting schools that are able to cultivate global talent and provide a reliable reference standard for potential students and employers. Professor San-Yih Huang, Dean of the College of Management, has stated that the College of Management obtained a remarkable result in the Eduniversal rankings, being recognized as a level 4 “Palmes of Excellence” universal business school. The departments and institutes in the College have also achieved great rankings, and the College will continue to work hard and innovate, and hopefully deliver even better results in the future. 

Link to the College of Management’s degree programs ranked in Eduniversal Best Masters & MBAs Ranking 2021: http://www.best-masters.com/master-at-national-sun-yatsen-university–college-of-management.html