[112-1_SA Event] Spooktacular Halloween Extravaganza Unites IBMBA and GHRM MBA Programs at NSYSU

The College of Management at National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) witnessed a thrilling convergence of students from the International Business Master of Business Administration (IBMBA) and the Global Human Resource Management (GHRM) programs on the eerie night of October 29th. Held at the atmospheric Madker Live House Bar, the Halloween party was nothing short of a spectacular and spine-tingling affair.

The party, hosted by the charismatic GHRM MBA student Ronnie, who wore the iconic costume of The Mandalorian and his pint-sized companion, Baby Yoda, set the perfect tone for the night. The venue was decorated with eerie ornaments, cobwebs, and flickering candles, creating an aura of Halloween mystery.

With over 30 enthusiastic participants, the energy was electric. Ronnie kicked off the night with two thrilling games: the mummy game, where teams raced to wrap a member in toilet paper to create the spookiest mummy, and the cup-flipping game, which challenged their skills and had everyone in stitches. Music filled the air as students took to the stage for some spine-tingling karaoke performances. The participants showcased their vocal prowess, belting out Halloween classics and their favorite tunes.

The highlight of the night was the costume contest, where students flaunted their creativity with outfits ranging from classic monsters to pop culture icons. The competition was fierce, with everyone casting their votes to determine the spookiest, most creative, and funniest costumes. As the night wore on, the dance floor came alive, and students let loose, showing off their dance moves. The partygoers enjoyed the friendship and the chance to relax, connect, and have a memorable Halloween celebration.

The Halloween party at Madker Live House Bar was an unforgettable night of fun and frights, building deeper connections among students from the IBMBA and GHRM programs at NSYSU. It showcased the vibrant and diverse community that the College of Management fosters, bringing students from different backgrounds together in the spirit of Halloween. It’s safe to say that this spooky soirée will be talked about for many Halloweens to come.