[Honor] College of Management ‘s International Influence Recognized with Three-Time Consecutive Eduniversal 4 Palmes of Excellence

National Sun Yat-sen University’s College of Management Awarded 4 Palmes of Excellence in the 2023 Eduniversal Top 1000 Global Business Schools Ranking.

The French higher education ranking organization Eduniversal announced its 2023 list of the top 1000 business schools with significant international influence. National Sun Yat-sen University’s College of Management received the 4 Palmes of Excellence (4 Palmes league) award. The college’s dean, Shu-Chuan Yeh, attended the award ceremony. This distinction places the college among the top 1000 business schools worldwide, signifying its substantial international impact and ranking it within the top three business and management schools in Taiwan.

Eduniversal hosts its annual event in different countries, and for the year 2023, the 16th World Convention was held in Fiji, Oceania. The award ceremony took place amidst the scenic setting of blue seas, white sandy beaches, vibrant corals, coconut trees, and the lively traditional dances of the South Island.

Dean Shu-Chuan Yeh stated that among the 1000 top business schools, only 200 are selected for the 4 Palmes of Excellence category[1]. National Sun Yat-sen University’s College of Management has been consecutively honored with this award for three years since 2019[2], which is a significant acknowledgment of the college’s internationalization efforts.

Dean Shu-Chuan Yeh of National Sun Yat-sen University’s College of Management attended this year’s Eduniversal Convention held in Fiji, where she was awarded the 4 Palmes of Excellence medal.

Eduniversal specializes in evaluating global higher education institutions and is headquartered in Paris. It has conducted annual evaluations since 2007, aiming to map the landscape for global higher education. Unlike most business school rankings, Eduniversal’s system uniquely evaluates schools across nine global regions[3] without cross-regional comparisons, highlighting the diversity and specificity of business schools in different areas.

The selection process for the top 1000 business schools begins by choosing schools from 154 countries based on criteria like the number of students in higher education, national education expenditure, and the number of academic research institutions. Then, the International Scientific Committee assesses schools based on internationalization criteria such as accreditation, international rankings, and membership in international academic organizations. Schools within the same region are categorized by how many Palmes of Excellence they receive. Finally, the deans of these 1000 top business schools vote to rank schools within each Palme category.

At this year’s Eduniversal Convention held in Fiji, Dean Shu-Chuan Yeh is the second from the right in the front row among the attendees.

NSYSUs College of Management has been actively promoting internationalization, employing faculty from countries like the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Canada, and Singapore. The college offers a comprehensive English curriculum, including an English-taught undergraduate program and two master’s programs. All departments provide English-taught professional courses.

Moreover, the college has 80 sister schools worldwide and has signed 14 dual degree programs. Each year, more than 200 students participate in outbound and inbound exchange programs. Typically, the college has nearly 250 international students enrolled. The college also offers scholarships for exchange programs and language proficiency tests to encourage students to learn foreign languages and expand their global perspectives.

This year, seven Taiwanese institutions were selected by Eduniversal, including National Taiwan University with 5 Palmes of Excellence, National Sun Yat-sen University and National Chengchi University with 4 Palmes, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Fu Jen Catholic University, and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University with 3 Palmes, and National Cheng Kung University with 2 Palmes.

🏆2023 Eduniversal Business School Ranking – Taiwan:https://reurl.cc/blxZ1y
🏆2023 Eduniversal Ranking for NSYSU:https://reurl.cc/m0N66l

[1] 100 schools received 5 Palmes of Excellence, 200 schools received 4 Palmes, 400 schools received 3 Palmes, 200 schools received 2 Palmes, and 100 schools received 1 Palme.

1 Palme represents business schools with considerable local influence, 2 Palmes represent schools with strong regional influence, 3 Palmes for schools with reinforcing international influence, 4 Palmes for top schools with significant international influence, and 5 Palmes for universal business schools with strong global influence.

[2] Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Eduniversal conventions were paused for two years following the 2019 convention and resumed in 2022.

[3] The nine regions include Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Eurasia & Middle East, Central Asia, Far East Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, and Oceania.