【College of Management】Shining Internationally and Leading Academically: NSYSU’s College of Management Welcomes an Advisory Visit from the International Advisory Board

A group photo of the International Advisory Board Members and College of Management faculty present at the meeting.

NSYSU’s College of Management welcomes an advisory visit from the International Advisory Board.
International scholars from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, France, Japan, and Korea gathered together.
Professor Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh, Dean of the College of Management, NSYSU, led faculty members of the College.
A presentation was given to the International Advisory Board, and then board members gave their suggestions and advice.
We are grateful for the board members for their valuable recommendations.
We also hope that College will be able to achieve more in the areas of administration, teaching, internationalization, and social influence, and shine even more brightly!

The International Advisory Boards visits College of Management. Group photo after the meeting.
Board members dined with the directors of the College of Management and the departments. This group photo was taken in front of the Sunset Beach Resort.
Po-Wen She, Director of the International Relations and Accreditation Office (first from the right) and Deputy Director Cong-min Peng (first from the left) accompanied the board members on a visit to the Alumni Service Center and other attractions. They were received by Amy Tsai (second from right), Director and Secretary of the Alumni Service Center.
Board members took a cultural cruise to Sizihwan while they exchanged ideas with the faculty and students of the College of Management.