【Internationalization】The International Staff Week Meeting with our sister school – KU Leuven

National Sun Yat-sen University College of Management attended the International Staff Week Meeting, held by the sister school – KU Leuven on May 6th, 2021 and May 7th, 2021. This meeting was targeting to maintain good international relations and to improve international exchange issues concerning COVID-19. Representatives of Huei-Fang Yang, the Deputy Director of International Relations, and Thijs Velema, the Deputy Director of International Programs, participated the meeting to discuss about “how to solve the communication barriers between universities” and “promote a new exchange consensus with sister schools” under the epidemic situation.

2021 The International Staff week
   The speaker from KU Leuven

Since 2020, the pandemic has been continuously affecting all countries, and international education has further faced a lot of challenges. The College of Management has been trying to maintain a good international exchange environment, however, “the local students cannot study abroad, and the international students cannot come in” has been the biggest problem, all kinds of international exchange activities are therefore conducted in an online mode. With all the limitations, apart from developing more flexible contents and methods of online courses and organizing multiple online speeches in both Chinese and English, etc., what can we do more? By taking part in the International Staff Week Meeting, we learned from our sister university of different practices in response to the pandemic and tried to merge them to the existing implementations in order to improve the quality of international education and provide a better international exchange environment for the students.

    Meeting Point – Student Mobility
  Meeting Point- Partner Relationships and Crisis Communication

We are happy to join this meeting to make a progress on our international programs. Though lots of exchange activities were negatively influenced by the pandemic, by step and step improvements, online exchange could more fun and more interesting. The College of Management encourages students to remain proactive and expect for a different exchange experience!

(Written by Barbara Yang from GHRM MBA)