【Speech】Microsoft Chief Operating Officer talks about digital transformation trends

The technology exists in our daily lives, especially artificial intelligence that has been extensively applied and used in various industries. Hedy Ho, Microsoft Taiwan’s chief operating officer, boldly predicted that AI would become the technology that defined humankind’s future. The International Business MBA Program (IBMBA), College of Management invited Hedy Ho to speak at the “Seminar on Business Management,” sharing how Microsoft has successfully and continuously carried out digital transformation while maintaining its world-leading position in the technology industry.

“When did technology begin to infiltrate our lives?” asked Hedy Ho. She mentioned that technology was ready to become a part of human life about 30 years ago, but the entire business ecosystem was not yet ready. Hedy Ho said that since more than 30 years ago, Microsoft has sensed that computer technology would dominate human life, so it was the first to take over the share of the supporting software and operating system market, while the latecomers trailed behind Microsoft. Today, Microsoft will once again become the leader in the AI ​​market. In addition to its own advanced AI technology research and development, many companies seek help from Microsoft to transform.

“Why is digital transformation so important?” Hedy Ho also asked. She pointed out that digital transformation is equivalent to a change in corporate culture. The first step is to have a clear goal and then achieve it. Similarly, when Microsoft helps other companies use AI to transform, it will help companies clarify the goals they hope to achieve, and will help define how the company’s leadership team can effectively intervene in achieving the goal, and then give each employee the appropriate rights in order to complete the task of transformation jointly. Hedy Ho also discussed the four major trends that promote the globalization of business, including:
1. All companies will eventually become technology companies.
2. The whole society will benefit from the advancement of technology.
3. The boundaries between different industries will gradually be blurred due to technology.
4. Corporate culture will change with the advancement of technology.

Finally, Hedy Ho also shared her own career experience. She believes that her life can be summarized using a single word, curiosity. As Einstein famously said, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious”. As she has worked at Microsoft for about 12 years, Dr. Hedy Ho has changed her role and position every two to three years. She believes that such a transformation can provide a deeper understanding of different departments’ culture and work patterns, which can become her motivation to help the company transform using her “slash” experience. As she is familiar with accepting different challenges, she can understand a challenge faster and apply the challenge to her career development when facing AI challenges.