【GHRM MBA】LinkedIn Introduction and Rock Your Profile!

LinkedIn’s Taiwan Sales Manager Alex Chao who has extensive work experience was invited to NSYSU by GHRM MBA, College of Management. In additional to speeching how students could have a better utilization of LinkedIn to enhance their competitiveness when finding a job, Alex also shared his precious life path for students.

In order to help students realize the difference between LinkedIn and others social media, Alex used an easy-understand example -“Donuts”: When you use Facebook and Instagram, your clicking on the “like” button on the picture of donut just means that you like it, whereas on LinkedIn, you show more than 675 million LinkedIn users globally that you want to franchise a donuts store, you are skillful at selling donuts or you have more than 3 years’ experience in managing a donuts factory. You may attract interested companies to get in contact with you and you might receive a job offer as a result.

Alex gave students a further explanation on LinkedIn: Comparing to some job searches and resume, LinkedIn’s main page is more vivid, and is more likely to impress HR managers. You can update LinkedIn instantly and it is easier and more approachable for HR to view. This can also boost the efficiency for users to find jobs. He further offered advice to fresh graduates on how to make the profile pages look more professional:

1. Education background: Provide detailed education information, school clubs you have joined and honors and awards you have received. 2. Profile picture: A solo photo, do not put a full-body shot, instead put one that is taken from the top of the shoulder to the top of your head with a nature smile. Do not use filters. The background color should be neutral. If you are not going to apply for work in art field, do not create a romantic atmosphere
3. Experience: Besides mentioning internship or part time job experience in winter and summer vacation, provide a substantial elaboration on what you have achieved through those experiences is more important.
4.Volunteer experience: Many hiring managers actually consider volunteer experience equally as valuable as paid work experience.
5.Skills: Do not list everything on list, instead you should check if the skill you are going to mention is precisely enough to the eligibility of the position you are going to apply.

Alex then told students job market is rapidly shifting. It is always unpredictable to estimate when the next crisis will approach. Therefore, it’s important to build and maintain a good network as well as make good impression on others. Especially, some senior positions are often introduced by referrers. When you are using LinkedIn, you can proactively follow corporates you are interested in, corporate directors and influencers. And do not underestimate what you are doing at this stage, as the efforts you’re putting into now might pay off in ways you never imagined.

Lastly, Alex suggested that when the students are looking for jobs, only if they choose what they are passionate for as their job, they can enjoy their work thoroughly. We also need to improve ourselves all the time so we are able to face the instability of the world. At the end of speech, Alex provided his LinkedIn account for students to follow. If students have any questions, they can contact him directly via LinkedIn.