【Student Interview】GHRM MBA Yu Yu(莊友羑)

Another GHRM English MBA student – Enchanting Ms. Yu Yu has recently returned from the dual degree Program at the Nottingam Trent University (NTU) and is glad to share her experience!

“Due to my parents’ jobs, I grew up in a multicultural environment that made me like to explore different things and places. Therefore, except for going to school, I enjoy participating in international volunteer events for as extracurricular activities in my academic life. These experiences not only gave me opportunities to see the world but forced me to go outside my comfort zone and challenge my limits. Although most of the international volunteer programs made me stuck in challenging situation, I received real happiness through the process of conducting the project. Therefore, I wish I can measure my success by the number of hugs I give and smiles I bring to people’s faces once I grow up.” – that’s how Yu Yu describes herself 🙂

After getting her bachelor’s degree, Yu Yu chose a job which could pursue her dream and do what she enjoys. YuYu worked as project manager for sustainable development in medical industry. The main content of the job was organizing personnel training programs and overseas medical services. However, the more Yu Yu immersed into it, she felt the more there is still to improve in her skills: “For example, when it comes to decide who should be dispatched or finding partners, there are tons of considerations needed to be taken, such as personality, cultural differences and even leadership style. The process of working on these challenging tasks and often with limited resources has sparked my interest in Human Resource Management (HRM), which I believe can accelerate work efficiency even in a critical environment. Hence, I decided to come back to school for learning HRM and chose GHRM English MBA Program as it has two main advantages: (1) I can learn HRM in (2) a multicultural environment!”

Yu Yu enjoyed her stay at NTU being part of Dual Degree Program. Most of the courses at NTU cultivate students to build up critical thinking. YuYu took a course named “International experience”, in which Professor has brought students to ESIC (Business and Marketing School) in Spain and cooperated with local company. This course gave students an opportunity to conduct industry analysis in real business and adapt to cultural differences.

Yu Yu thinks the best thing is building up academic knowledge in HRM: “Before I joined GHRM English MBA Program at NSYSU, I learned and improved my work from making mistake because my major in undergraduate school was not in the field of management. Now I can apply my experience and combine academic learning on the work, which makes me more efficient employee. That is the most important reason why I chose to come back to school. I believe if I can learn more about management, I can do more things in effective ways”.