【Student】End of term celebration: KTV

2019-07-01/Student Association of International Programs

June 21, 2019 – The Student Association hosted their final event of the semester, providing students to sing like a nightingale at the KTV just in case their studies did not pay off. The turn-out was around 25 students, mainly from the GHRM program. The Student Association only want the best for their students, which was apparent from the fact that our booth was the VIP room. The Student Association provided a small budget for everyone on which they could spend on food and drinks.

The start was a little bit rough with people being afraid to sing, but once Barbara set the tone all this fear went away. The song had a great variety with English classic songs like “Let it be” and “Country roads” to popular Chinese songs. Everyone was enjoying themselves and at the end there was still a playlist with over 15 songs, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Furthermore the event had another highlight, or actually two highlights. These highlights were the return of Jay and June from their exchange semester at NTU in England, telling us all about their amazing travel stories. This event also makes students in the International Program to have more coherence between each other. Some of them told the SA that it is the best decision for them to study here, and they will absolutely recommend their friend to study in the International Program of NSYSU in the future.

Our time as Student Association has come to an end with the finalization of this article. We wanted to say that we were glad that so many students joined our events and good luck to the new Student Association!

End of term celebration: KTV