【Alumni】Tremendously heartwarming alumni of CM set up scholarships to help students

On May 30, 2019, the College of Management held the Academic Year 2018 Second Semester Scholarship Review Meeting. Besides the faculty of the College of Management, the Heritage Scholarship donor, EMBA-11 representative曾國揚, and Yuyu Chin Lu Education Foundation Chairman 柯畊宇, and Mr. 鍾金福 Memorial Scholarship donor CS6 鍾志雄 were also invited to attend the meeting. Among the available scholarships, the Heritage Scholarship was initiated by the 11th class alumni of the EMBA program, which donates an average of NT$320,000 every year since 2000. Following that example, the 10th class alumnus of the EMBA program, Mr. 張永義, set up the “Yuyu Chin Lu Education Foundation Scholarship” in 2014. The 6th class alumnus of the CSEMBA program 鍾志雄 set up the “Mr. 鍾金福 Memorial Scholarship” in 2017. These three scholarships established by alumni have helped more than 213 students as of this year. The total amount of donations amounted to NT$3.2 million.

The College of Management Dean San-Yih Hwang said that a total of 17 students applied for scholarships donated by the alumni this semester. Although the applicant family’s economic situation is in great need of help, most of the students who applied for the program excel academically, and several of them are even first in their class. Therefore, he specially pointed that out during the review meeting, and with an unanimous consent of the donor representatives, the student in most need would receive two scholarships at the same time. The Dean thanked the alumni for providing such scholarships for the students to help them pursue their studies with ease, turning their life around. The enthusiastic and charitable alumni further expressed that they could provide part-time opportunities to students. For instance, EMBA11 曾國揚 runs a kindergarten, and is looking for an administrative assistant and various tutors for English, mathematics, computers, etc. at his school. On the other hand, 鍾志雄mentioned that since he has worked in mainland China for a long time, if students wish to look for opportunities there, he would be very happy to help them with their employment and even start a business there. The alumni also recommended all graduates, especially the EMBA graduates, to organize a work-study and employment network to help students in need.

During the meeting, the Dean also shared with the representatives the status of the students who had received the scholarhsip in the past. He mentioned that one of the eligible students in the last semester turned down the application because he had already received sufficient scholarships outside the school and would like to yield the quota to students who need it more than him. The representatives who attended the meeting all agreed that the purpose of their donation is to encourage students in need to come forward to receive help and give them a chance to change their life for the better. More importantly, when the scholarship recipients are more capable, they can help others in need, paying it forward and forming a positive cycle.

In the 2018 academic year, 陳世哲 (right), then Dean of the College of Management, accepted the donation from the EMBA11 alumni representative for the Heritage Scholarship.
On behalf of the Yuyu Chin Lu Education Foundation, Mr. 張鴻熙, donated a scholarship of NT$120,000 to the students of College of Management.
鍾志雄 (right) awarding scholarships to students
The award-winning student giving a thank-you note to the EMBA11 alumni representative