【GHRM】Independent Studies in Human Resource Management course Project Final Presentations

2018-07-04/GHRM MBA

The Independence Studies in Human Resources Management Course provided by GHRM MBA program (Global Human Resource Management English MBA program) had reached an end on June 21st. At the beginning of this semester, all students from the program were divided into five groups randomly and were asked to cooperate with each group member, including students from Taiwan, America, Vietnam, Canada and so on. Five companies (including Sheh Fung Screws Company, GOOD DAY Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd., KAWASKI TRADING CO., LTD., Orient Semiconductor Electronics, Ltd., SanTzuoo Co., Ltd.) from different industries were assigned to each group respectively.

Throughout the semester, students had meetings with the course instructor (Dr. David McConville) as every group needed to work together to come up with solutions depending on the projects the companies wanted them to work on.

On June 21st, the day of the final presentations, a guest judge, David Lin, was also invited to the class to evaluate the performance of the groups. Three groups were awarded as “The Best Presentation (A Two-Tiered Analysis of Reducing Turnover and Improving the Workplace Environment)” “The Most Innovative Team (Assessing Company ́s Core Values in Job Applicants)” and “The Most Outstanding Report (Low Skilled Labor and the Costs of Commitment).”

Projects were all within the HR department of each companies, such as identifying successors or retaining talents. This course provided students with opportunities to actually apply theories from textbooks to real cases. Despite the fact that there were some inevitable arguments among group members, students had learned not only skills of dealing with a project but also skills of conflict resolution. One of the company representatives pointed out the students did a great job on the project and it would be likely that the company would take on the suggestions based on the results of their teamwork.

The Best Presentation
The Most Innovative Team
The Most Outstanding Report