【GHRM】Paradigm Shift in Marketing

On May 16th we welcomed Professor Yingchan Edwin Tang as a guest speaker in our International Marketing Management class.

Professor Tang is a full professor and current director at the Institute of Business & Management at National Chiao Tung University in Taipei.

His Ph.D. is in Marketing Science and he has enormous experience both in the academic field and in practical marketing. He has taught at North Carolina State University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and National University of Singapore, and he worked in advertising and marketing research for Grant Advertising/Starch INRA as well as International Advertising Agency in Taipei.

On Wednesday morning, Professor Tang visited NSYSU to share his experience and talk to students about the paradigm shift in marketing. He likened it to the paradigm shift brought about by Galileo’s heliocentric theory.

Marketing nowadays is not just a science of identifying the customer and establishing why they buy what they do. Professor Tang gave examples and explanations on what has changed and what future challenges there are for companies.

IOET is everywhere. Everything is in numbers and numbers are everything. Not even the 4 P’s of Marketing remain the same.

Branding is challenged enormously due to globalization and changes in the conceptualization of the consumer. The consumer is now broader and more universal, and that fact can’t be ignored.

Students in the Marketing class were assigned in advance to examine the Harvard Business Review case study “HubSpot: Inbound Marketing and Web 2.0” and provide their answers to a few questions. During the guest speech, Professor Tang discussed this case study and provided insight into the details. The guest speech was very innovative in terms of the information provided,

We would like to thank Professor Tang for his time and effort!

Paradigm Shift in Marketing