【Interview】IBMBA Alumni David Toppin

We have a chance to connect with Mr. David Toppin, our alumni from the IBMBA, National Sun Yat-sen University. Even though he has a hectic working schedule, he would still like to share his incredible story about his student life in NSYSU.

Hello, David. It is our pleasure to interview with you. Could you briefly introduce yourself? 
My name is David Toppin, and I am from the United Kingdom. I have archived several academic degrees in my life:
*BA Music Degree in Classical Music and Performance on Violin and Piano.
*Law Degree and Diploma in Professional Legal Practice from Strathclyde University.
*Master of Business and Management from Strathclyde University with a semester spent in Toulouse Business School to study Management in Europe.
*Master of Business Administration in International Business from NSYSU.
*Graduate Degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School. 
*University of Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA).

Before I came to NSYSU, I was a medical sales representative for a pharmaceutical company. I also worked as an English Language teacher in Kaohsiung. 

Now, I have my own international medical professional recruitment company where I provide care homes and hospitals with medical professionals such as nurses and doctors from outside the European Economic Arena.

How did you find out about NSYSU, what influenced your decision, why the IBMBA Program?

I had friends who were successful graduates from the IBMBA program from NSYSU. They recommended this program, so I decided to join it. From different sources, I discovered that NSYSU is a high-ranking university which offers students an excellent academic experience within a beautiful world class campus.  I also heard there were many interesting field trips to famous Taiwanese companies such as Horizon Yachting Company and NXP Semiconductors.

Did you face difficulties when you started your studies? And how did you overcome these difficulties?

It was challenging to adapt to a different culture. Moving to a new country brings various stresses and strains but also leads to growth and happiness. Building new relationships in a foreign country can be challenging and often requires more effort than we experience in our home country. However, My classmates and lecturers were more than helpful. They assisted me in any way they could to make my studies enjoyable. We spent a lot of time relaxing on NSYSU’s beach and going to parties after class which provided me with wonderful memories.

How did you feel about your career opportunities after obtaining the NSYSU Diploma?

The IBMBA from NSYSU helped me get a place at the prestigious University of Cambridge to study a further graduate degree. Furthermore, taking the IBMBA helped me integrate into the global community where I utilised contacts made during the IBMBA to assist in the growth of my international recruitment company. During my time at NSYSU, I learned everything from ethics, effective communication, problem-solving, professionalism and the core principles of business such as marketing, finance, strategy, global supply chain etc.

What was the best thing you liked about your studies at NSYSU?

The entire faculty and members of the university provided excellent support, teaching and research advice. The university invited renowned international scholars to provide students with an advantage in their learning. NSYSU IBMBA encourages students to collaborate with classmates and participate in business competitions, while guidance is provided. These opportunities offer students the chance to apply theories learned in school to real-life business situations.

The IBMBA is composed of international students from several countries around the world. All courses are taught in English so students can study in a real global learning environment. International students can also have the opportunity to participate in exchange programs or double degree programs with partner institutions to see the world from a globalized perspective.

Interviewee: David Toppin
Interviewer: Dang Phuong Thao (Alex) – Vice President of The Student Association.