【Interview】IBMBA Alumnus:Nguyen Tuan Duong


Some students come to NSYSU to pursue a master’s degree, and by means of the academic process, they become enamored in the academic rigor that composes such a large proportion of attaining a degree. One of these students, Nguyen Tuan Duong, a graduate of IBMBA 104, developed such an intense passion for business and management academics that he decided to pursue his PhD in Business Administration here at NSYSU!

Duong is originally from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. There, he completed his undergraduate degree at the Foreign Trade University, and worked at that university for 5 years, as a researcher and lecturer. Then, wanting to improve his research skills, strengthen his English abilities and enhance his international outlook, he came to NSYSU. He chose NSYSU due to its relatively nice weather compared to universities in northern Taiwan, the pace of life and the quality of the instructors here at NSYSU. Ultimately, Duong enjoys being immersed in a diverse student body from several countries and cultures, one of the hallmarks of an international program.

Pursuing a PhD has taught Duong many academic skills and abilities. By reading stacks and piles of academic literature, Duong definitely says that his ability to quickly locate key information tucked away in dense writing has improved a lot. Additionally, through constant use, Duong has become confident using SPSS software; moreover, he has also begun to learn AMOS software. These critical software skills will not only aid him in articulating his views, they provide a foundation of skills that he will use in the future.

While Duong hasn’t yet determined a dissertation topic, he is currently researching organizational behavior of firms. He says that one needs to choose a dissertation topic carefully, because this is a topic which they will study not only for the remainder of their PhD program, but potentially for the rest of their life!

In order to get a job or get into a PhD program, Duong wisely believes to look at the job market through the lens of a marketer: you are the product and the company is the consumer. Find a segment you are interested in, target that segment, and then position yourself to get that position. A clear plan combined with patience is key to getting hired of accepted.

After completing his PhD, Duong hopes to go back to Vietnam and work in academia. There, he is also interested in creating a dual degree program between Taiwan universities and Vietnamese universities. This goal could potentially add a lot of value for all universities involved, and give students a greater understanding of how commerce is carried out in different parts of the world!

Nguyen Tuan Duong
Nguyen Tuan Duong