【Visiting】Brogent Technologies – Fun is our business

On 30th April, Instructor of Asia Pacific Business Environment course, Professor Kim Choy Chung led students of IBMBA Program, NSYSU College of Management to visit the Brogent Technologies Company, which is in Kaohsiung software technology park.

In total, students rode two amazing attractions. First, they experienced “VR360 Fly High Over Taiwan”. They wore on the VR glasses and headsets and then started their awesome journey. They flew like an eagle, overlook the beauty of Taiwan. Second, they rode the attractions called “i- Ride”. The i-Ride Flying Theater features an electrical motion base with suspended seating. Seating on that chair, you will be pushed towards a giant dome screen. Your seats are very close to the screen which makes you have the feeling of virtually being there. What’s more, it also has the special effects like light, mist, sound, wind and smell which really stimulate your sense and can give you the immersive experience. In the film, we went to lots of famous tourist attractions in Kaohsiung. For example, Moon World, Love River, 85 Sky Tower, Dragon and Tiger Pagoda and Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum. When we went to Liuohe Tourist Night Market, we could hear the sound of selling and also smell the smell of night market. After riding all the attractions, companies took the pictures for students for memories for free.

After experiencing the two exciting attractions, we are pleasure to invite Jiang An, the director of International Business Development of technology company (also the alumni of NSYSU) to give us a fantastic lecture. In the beginning, he gave us the introduction of Brogent Technologies. Next, he shared some success cases with us. “Flyover Canada”, it reached 1 million visitors in 28 months, and was voted #1 Fun & Games in Vancouver by TripAdvisor. “Europa park- Voletarium”, the Europe’s largest flying theater. “This is Holland”, a stand alone attraction with 40 seats i-Ride. It worked with UNESCO to film Dutch world heritage sites.

After the lecture, Shabnam, the student form Iran, shared about her opinion “ The company sharing some of its strategies and plans was really helpful and I suggest that the Brogent Technologies can consider to shift to the middle east market as well.” Field trip to Brogent Technologies was a valuable experience and left good memories to all the students.