【Workshop】Chiang Mai University Participate in “Industrial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop” Hosted by CM, NSYSU

During July 7 and 13, 2019, the College of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University (CM, NSYSU) hosted the “Industrial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop”. This workshop was specifically designed for 25 professors and students from Chiang Mai University in Thailand. Associate Dean Jui-Kun Kuo, CM, NSYSU, expressed the hope to help students from Chiang Mai University to better understand the learning environment of NSYSU through this course exchange and visits to local companies, as well as the way companies in Taiwan operate and innovate.

The workshop included having Qian Wang(王謙), General Manager of Firstfruit Management Consultants to share on how international standards and regulations promoted innovation. For example, the standards of quality management set up by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) inspires companies to think about the role of quality control in improving work processes and establishing more efficient workflows that enable companies to achieve cost savings, increase profitability, create more business opportunities, and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, Assistant Professor Tony Chuo(卓雍然) of Management Research Studies Center, NSYSU combines the current trend of big data to explore how Taiwanese small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make use of this tool to optimize their business strategies and innovate to increase profit margins. Assistant Professor Chuo also introduced the unique commercial big data platform from the CM, NSYSU, which contains a wealth of open big data, analysis tools and programming language courses, which caused a heated discussion among the professors and students from Chiang Mai University.

Assistant Professor Yu-Yu Chang(張佑宇) from the Department of International Business, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology brought a simulation activity that combined entrepreneurial and industrial innovations, asking students to discuss how to use their creativity to make the classroom rain and participate in a marshmallow challenge, using materials such as pasta, tape, and marshmallow to build the tallest building. Through continuous communication and collaboration, students realized that everyone had different ideas. To find the best way for the team (or business) to achieve their goal, they needed to integrate opinions and execute plans in collaboration.

In addition to the planning of the indoor courses, this workshop also arranged corporate visits, including Taiwan Shan Yin International Co., Ltd., which specializes in manufacturing as well as the research and development of all types of fasteners and screws, and Sheh Fung Screws Co., Ltd., which specializes in customizing screws. The professors and students from Chiang Mai University learned from the introduction of the companies and watching the manufacturing processes that Taiwanese business owners would not remain satisfied with the current situation, but would continue to strive for excellence, constantly thinking about what products consumers would desire, actively improving designs and manufacturing processes, and creating more diverse products.

In addition, this workshop had also arranged a visit to Uni-President Enterprises Corporation, which demonstrated the great importance the Taiwan’s food industry attaches to food safety. The industry has continuously increased the number of inspection items and the standards to ensure safety and provide consumers with the safest food products. The participants also visited farmers plantings seeds to learn about agricultural innovations in Taiwan.

The professors and students from Chiang Mai University were impressed with the agenda of the workshop. They commented that this trip had allowed them to learn the great emphasis Taiwan’s enterprises placed on innovation, which was worthy of their learning. At the same time, they also praised Taiwanese’s passion and friendliness that made they feel very welcome in Taiwan and they hoped to visit Taiwan again in the future to further appreciate the beauty of Taiwan.

The success of this workshop was indebted to the hard work of Professor San-Pui Lam who is the Director for Office of Responsibility and Sustainability Actions and a professor at the Institute of Public Affairs Management, Assistant Professor Shih-Sian Jhang who is the Director for Office of Accreditation and Assessment and also a professor at the Department of Finance, and Associate Professor Associate Kim-Choy Chung of the IBMBA program who led the students to visit the local companies.

Administrative staff that helped organize the workshop includes: Manager Cindy Lin, and administrative assistant Ting-Yu Lin of the International Relations Office of CM, and fellow students from the IBMBA program, including Rakkarn Jirasak, Victor Su, Phan Nguywn Thu Thao, Trinh Thi Duyen Anh, Justine Pura, Saisuri Wongsrikun, and Gloria Yeh. Their hard work made the workshop a success.

Please click the following link for the workshop video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40cqaYbhY4Y&feature=youtu.be