【IBMBA】Less Like a Student Project, More Like a Firm

2016-04-12/IBMBA/Paul Squires

KAOHSIUNG– Maple Leaf Consulting unveiled their developing plans for Topist Enterprise’s(高順益企業股份有限公司) Canadian market strategy, last Friday(4/8) at company headquarters, located in Nanzih.

Maple Leaf Consulting (MLC) is a collaborative student consulting firm founded by Adam Jasko, Julio León, Joyce Sun, Ivanka Chang, Kelly Chen and project manager, Paul Squires

The group is one of four projects in IB612, ‘Consulting Methods and Practices,’ an International Business program coordinated by Dr. Sung Chao-Hsien and Dr. Wang Chien. The single-semester course provides NSYSU students an opportunity to function as part of a collaborative consulting project in the context of a real-world business environment. By moving beyond the classroom, students are enabled to hone their practical skills.

Topist Enterprise Co. is a local manufacturer of carbon steel fasteners, specializing in export of self-tapping and self-drilling screws. Company president Tony Lu has requested the assistance of MLC in devising its comprehensive strategy of penetrating the Canadian market.

MLC’s proposal scope consists of a three-point plan- Market exploration, market capitalization and antidumping strategy, which will complete in June of 2016.

In executing their two-tiered marketing plan, León and Jasko will set their gazes on targeting distribution channels within Canada. According to his research on Statistics Canada, Mr. Jasko concludes that their team “concentrate its efforts on the construction within the provinces of Ontario and Quebec to maximize Topists’ potential in the Canadian market.”

Concurrently, Squires, Chang and Sun will optimize Topists’ anti-dumping strategy in Canada. Their scope will address Canada’s antidumping measures which were imposed in 2004 and have since regulated the sale of imported fasteners originating from Taiwan.

Under Canadian law, Taiwanese fastener companies are assessed by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) under the Special Import Measures Act (SIMA). MLC will seek to strategically marginalize Topists’ product export prices according to Canadian legal provisions.

Amidst the nebulous legal framework of antidumping policy in Canada, the young student group remains confident in executing their plans.

“Distinguishing our group,” said Mr. Squires, “is a fervent passion and a Herculean work ethic from our members- I’m proud of our group.” Squires added, “Given the opportunity we’ve been presented, we’re thinking less like a student project and more like a firm.” The Maple Leaf Consulting Group will be visiting Japan from the 23rd to the 30th of April to demonstrate their consulting acumen.

Maple Leaf Consulting
Maple Leaf Consulting
Maple Leaf Consulting
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