【Honor】〔2021 Living in harmony with nature〕Photo Contest

National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) in Taiwan always pays attention to the environment and lives in harmony with nature as a role model. Whenever you visit NSYSU, you will definitely be impressed by the diverse environment here, ranging from environment to animals to plants and how people coexist with the earth. The International Student Association of the International programs aims to transfer this message and raise our student’s awareness of the environment and sustainable development by holding the “2021 Living in harmony with nature” photo contest this semester.

There are 13 teams of talented participants from various departments (including IBMBA, GHRM MBA, and the Department of Electrical Engineering). All the participants participated enthusiastically with their best photos. After an intense competition, we congratulate 4 winning teams from this photo contest.

We came out with two champions from this photo contest, including Trevor Joines and Cecelia Ha from GHRM MBA, and the third place was bagged by Laurine Pommier from IBMBA. For the team that got the most likes and shares from Facebook and Instagram, Gary Yuan from IBMBA and 莊博勛from the Department of Electrical Engineering(Team 3_Future Fish) were presented with the popularity award. The Student Association of the International Programs and the International Programs Office sincerely appreciate everyone who participated and supported this contest. Those photos were terrific and remarked with meaningful messages, which give us warm feeling and introspection of getting along with the nature and other creatures on the Mother earth.

One of the photos from Team 8_Trevor’s team

Message from Author:
『I like taking photos and these are a few of my favorites.  When I have more time I’m looking at getting back into dive photography but I have a few other ideas to try out on interesting subjects.  Nature is always a great subject to explore but you never know what you’re going to find the day you go.  You might get something spectacular or you might just come back with similar photos you have taken before.  I hope people like these and I hope to add better shots in the future.』

Team 3_Mean in Green

Message from Author:
『2020 is indeed a tough year for everyone in the world. After 6 months in this beautiful little island, I really felt I had a second home, where I had friendly friends, respectable teachers, and very kind people. NSYSU campus is surrounded on three sides by mountains and also faces the open waters of Sizihwan Beach, thus making it a natural fortress. I have been to Tainan, Pingtung, Taichung, Nantou and was really fascinated by the natural sceneries.

Far away from the city, in the mountain, Cingjing Farm in Nantou is one of the most popular tourist spots in Taiwan. I had my first spring trip in 2021 with my friends there. During that time, I can enjoy fresh air,  lush forests, beautiful flowers along the plains and hillside. Fortunately, I was able to watch a Sheep-sheering show in Green Green Grassland, which is an open pasture ground for livestock such as sheep and cows to roam and graze freely. When I saw the flock of sheep at a very close distance, they are running around the hill with a sense of freedom, with the backdrop of the majestic mountains, the blue sky, I felt all afflictions as if blown away. It is not just a show, but also a simple, comfortable life that we all aim for. It was really the scene of my dream life, with a scene immersed in beautiful nature. It also reminds me to cherish nature and protect our loving motherland.』

Team 5_Laurine

Message from Author:
『This photograph was captured in Alishan National Park, on the last day of a 15-day road trip around the island. It typically represents the atmosphere in this nature reserve which reminds us of a movie set. The small paths get lost in the fog, the treetops disappear, and a feeling of a new discovery invades us step by step. The thick fog in this photo plunges us directly into an atmosphere that is both mysterious and surprising. The angle of view allows us to become aware of the longevity of each of the trees, some of which are more than 2000 years old, and reminds us that human life expectancy is minimal compared to what nature can bring us. 』

Team 3_Future Fish

Message from Author:
『This picture was taken in Alishan— a famous attraction in Taiwan. It was at 16:30, a slight breeze of fresh cold air gently moved the leaves on the trees, it was such a serene scene. In contrast, people were busy rushing for the last train of the day, which emphasizes how silent the forest was. On the other hand, the surface of the water reflects the sky and the giant trees around it, making it seem to be another picturesque wonderland with green filter caused by algae. 』