【Honor】GHRM MBA Students Score 3rd Prize At The 7th CSR Captain Program

At the recently concluded 7th CSR Captain Program, GHRM MBA and IBMBA students performed stupendously. Team “REMS” and “We Can Help” bagged the 2nd and 3rd prizes, respectively. Today, we share the experience of 3rd prize winners Mandy Chen, Michal Polacek, Cindy Ho, and Reianthong Vongsangkam, all 1st-year GHRM MBA students.

The 7th CSR Captain Program espouses students to promote the CSR program. Three companies that are currently investing in CSR were a core part of the competition. Each company got four teams to help solve their problem and provide recommendations and suggestions relating to CSR. This year, the goals were also in tune with the SDG’s set in by the UN.

All the group members are currently taking Prof. Ryan Brading’s Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Course. It was because of Prof. Ryan’s encouragement that they decided to take part in the competition. Their group name was “We Can Help,” which drew inspiration from “Taiwan Can help.” True to their name, “We Can Help” stood out from the rest because they didn’t merely come up with proposals and recommendations but emphasized the implementation.

We Can Help had to work with Domi-a company that strives to make the world more environmentally friendly. For their presentation, We Can Help focused on “Energy Poverty.” Unlike other teams, the group members had to hold numerous rounds of interviews with the company to derive precise data and information. After collecting all the data and executing intensive research, the team members recommended marketing strategies to Domi.

Even though it was a whole month of intense competition, our students also made some invaluable memories. For Mandy, it was the first workshop in Taipei as they had to take the earliest HSR to Taipei, which was at 6 AM. Mandy recalls fond memories after the workshop when they went to a bar and shared each other’s stories. According to Cindy, working as a team and learning to compromise and communicate was the most memorable moment. Reianthong shares that through the case studies of CSR presented at the competition, he gained invaluable knowledge.

It wasn’t all easy for the We Can Help group members as they had to encounter various hurdles, but they persevered and eventually came through. As for the biggest challenge, Michal Shares:

“For me, it was getting the data from the company because in the competition, in the end, there were three companies. From the presentation, the two companies provided probably way more data than our company provided us. So, getting the data from our company was the biggest challenge. We had to call them many times, send emails, and have online meetings”.

Despite all the hard work, We Can Help didn’t expect to score a podium finish, so they were pleasantly surprised at the result. The group members particularly noted that it was their comprehensive report that impressed the judges. Mandy shares: “I think our presentation was great, but the other teams were stronger. I think it was our report that made us stand out. “

It wasn’t all about the prize, but our students gained valuable knowledge from the competition, which will guide them in their future endeavors. For Mandy and Michal, discovering that one can make a living and do business and, at the same time, make the world a better place was the biggest lesson. For Reianthong, it was his first time participating in a competition, so the whole process was a great learning process. Cindy also notes that she’s an introvert and is nervous with presentations, but she learned to overcome it through the competition.

They already have their hands full. For the entire December, they are going to work on marketing strategies for Domi. Not just that, they are also formulating marketing strategies for a Pharmacy who contacted Domi for assistance. As a note of thanks, We Can Help team members extend their gratitude to the International Programs Office, particularly Cindy and Scarlett, Prof. Ryan Brading, and their classmates for encouraging and helping them out throughout the entire competition.

Congratulations to Reianthong, Michal, Cindy, and Many for exceeding their expectations and performing brilliantly at the 7th CSR captain Program. This is just the start of many good things to come, and we are confident you will continue to bring laurels to the university.