【International Programs】Annual Summer Internship Sharing Event

“Summer Internship Sharing Event” is one of GHRM and IBMBA program’s annual career development activities organized for the students. This year, the event was held on the 16th of September 2020 on the 11th floor of NSYSU library.

The event started with the Director of International Programs, Dr. Sharon Wang, who introduced several internship resources such as the EFMD Global Talent Portal and Global Internship Facilitation of Taiwan, Office of Career Development at NSYSU and the free insurance provided by the university.

Gary Yuan, an IBMBA student, started the sharing session and talked about his internship experience at a company called “Air Liquide Far Eastern”. At the beginning of his presentation, Gary remarked that if it wasn’t for the pandemic, he would have traveled to Paris. As an intern, Gary had to work for the president’s office and his responsibilities included risk mapping, UX – voice of customer survey, taking part in company’s CSR activities and assisting the president. He noted that as a Taiwanese working in a French company, he became aware of the lingual and cultural differences. Gary mentioned that his life at NSYSU prepared and helped him land the internship and is thankful for his internship experience as it helped him realize his potential.

After Gary, Alicia Tseng from the department of Business Administration talked about her Swire Coca cola summer internship experience. Alicia not only talked about how she secured the prestigious internship opportunity in the hypercompetitive job market, but she also gave tips and suggestions to the participants on how to land an internship opportunity at a top tier company. For her internship, she was part of the sales and marketing department (commercial leadership team) and performed tasks related to data collection, integrating data, involving in business development and maintaining customer relationships. She mentioned that the internship experience definitely broadened her horizons. She ended her presentation with an encouraging message saying “never feel frustrated by the job rejection letters.”

Following Alicia, GHRM IBMBA student Evelyn Lee talked about her experience in the “Taiwan in my eyes” competition. Throughout the competition, Evelyn along with her three other teammates visited 11 organizations and observed their activities related to the sustainable development goals set up by the United Nations. At the conclusion of the competition, Evelyn and her team were awarded the third prize as well as the ‘popularity award’. She mentioned that being part of the competition not only provided her the opportunity to visit different companies but also taught her to work together with people from diverse backgrounds.

The event continued with IBMBA student Stan Tsai who shared about his CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) competition experience. Stan shared what he learned during his CFA competition. Moreover, he provided the attendees with very detailed and practical tips for doing report presentation and selling the product to a client. For reports, Stan remarked that “more isn’t always better, less isn’t either” and that there should be a correct balance. At the end, he noted that understanding the audience is essential and that one should always be prepared to be asked about anything.

Lastly, GHRM MBA student Hkawn San (Joy) shared about her extremely fun summer internship at “Gallant Ocean Group” seafood company. She mentioned that her job hunting for an internship started with tons of rejection. After many rejections, she reached out to one of her professors about internship opportunities and he helped her land her summer internship. At Gallant Ocean, she was assigned to the import department and she had to inspect seafood quality. She jokingly mentioned that what made her internship super enjoyable was she got paid for eating yummy seafood. Despite her limitations with Chinese, her supervisors in the company were always understanding and helped her tremendously.

James Tseng, GHRM MBA first year student remarked that he enjoyed the event and found it helpful since it had a variety of presentations and that he acquired useful tips for landing internships. Internships are important for management students as they provide first-hand exposure of working in the real world and the event like this provides students with useful tips for getting and excelling internships.