【International Program】Christmas Party

December 20, 2019- The International Programs Office arranged Christmas Party. The event was opened for everyone but students from ACT, JKU, IBMBA and GHRM Departments were not charged for the entrance. The event was held at the “Holiday Garden” Hotel, which kindly agreed to provide a hall for the celebration and assisted in organizing the celebration. The host of the event was Zhanna Samodurova (President of Student Association). The total number of people who attended the party was about 100 people, including not only students, but also faculty members. Professor Kim Chung with his family joined the celebration as well. The event lasted from 21.00 – 23.00.

During the party, guests were offered food and drinks. The Student Association was also responsible for the entertainment and music program. Prizes were awarded in small competitions where students demonstrated their skills in dexterity, attentiveness and creativity. Remco Peters (former President of Student Association) kindly agreed to hold the games. The name of the first game is “Musical Chairs”. The idea of the game was to put 6 chairs together in a circle, tight to each other, backs inward. In front of the chairs are 7 people. They turn in one direction and, upon the command of Remco, begin to march around the chairs. Suddenly, the music stops. All players must quickly take their places. Since there are only 6 chairs, and there are 7 people, one of them remains without a seat and leaves the game. At the same time, one chair is put out of the circle (the other chairs move), and the game continues. After each time when music stops, the number of players decreases. When two players and one chair remain, the final stage of the game is held. The one who takes this chair wins. Second games that guests played calls “Blow with all your might”. In order to participate in this game there were 3 teams with 5 people. They had to blow a ping pong ball through a series of cups filled with water. The team that will do it faster than anyone else win. Finally, the last where students took part calls “Pop balloon without hands”. In the middle of the hall was a chair and two people had to pop the balloon without hands while one of them was sitting on that chair. At the end of the game students had to decide which team was the best by giving the loudest applauses.

Justine Pura (former Vice President of Student Association) helped to organize music, thus students enjoyed dancing and singing in the middle of the party.

Moreover, performances were held during the event. Laura (Vice President of Student Association) organized the performances of a special guest from Taipei, who arrived at the party to sing and to please all the guests. Additionally, Linh Trang Vu (Vice President of Student Association) prepared a dance performance that opened the event officially.

Thereby, during the event, students were able to chat with each other, participate in various games and win prizes. This holiday helped to unite students and make new friends from ACT and JKU Program. Guests were delighted to have a Christmas in The International Programs family.