【Interview】GHRM MBA 105 Alumni: Anna Csomor

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Charming Anna – GHRM MBA Program Alumna told us her story of success and we are glad to share it with you.

Anna was born in Hungary and grew up in France. She likes travelling, learning languages and sports such as mountain climbing, diving and yoga. She studied applied languages (English and Chinese) before joining GHRM MBA Program.

Anna first came to Taiwan as an exchange student, that’s when she found out about GHRM English MBA program. She met GHRM students who introduced her to the program and the campus. She thought it would be a great opportunity to enroll for a master’s degree in Taiwan and stay at least 2 more years, so at the same time she could improve her Chinese language and learn about business and HR.

“My favorite class was Work and Culture with professor David McConville, because first he is an awesome professor who is going to make you think and question the world, and secondly, I could deeply relate to the teaching content and topic, as I was living it myself, the culture shock, and having to work with people from different cultural background, all very on point! We got to know all the theories you need to think about if you are working in a multicultural environment and managing different people. This class really reflects what GHRM is about.” – Anna shares her impressions about being part of GHRM Program.

Before joining GHRM MBA Program, Anna had only a little bit of work experience. She has done a 2 months internship, mainly doing business development. After graduating, she found a job in Madrid, Spain. She now works as an external auditor (she is a junior auditor or auditor assistant).

“Financial auditing is quite different from what I was studying in NSYSU, and I actually learned all by myself, on the job, as I had never really taken accounting or financial classes before. Life is full of surprises and getting a job is not really about the documents you own but more about who you are and what you are capable of and some sort of luck, especially nowadays as the whole system is shifting, education should change. But the experience of doing my Master in NSYSU did shape my life and my personality, and having experiences abroad and speaking languages surely opens doors.” – says Anna.

On one of the pictures you can see Anna paying a business visit to an olive oil cooperative (Spain is the country of olive oil).

We wish Anna success and prosperity in her career!

【Alumni Interview】GHRM MBA: Anna Csomor
【Alumni Interview】GHRM MBA: Anna Csomor