【Speech】Moral Leadership in the People’s Republic of China(12/5)

Topic:Moral Leadership in the People’s Republic of China
Speaker:Prof. Jiing-Lih Larry Farh, China Europe International Business School (樊景立教授,中歐國際工商學院)
Time:Dec. 5th, 2019(Thur.)at 12:10-14:00
Room:CM 1036
Welcome to join: https://reurl.cc/lLX8zq

Abstract of the talk:
Using open-ended surveys obtained from over 1000 PRC managers spanning across two decades (2000-2018), this research explores the concept of moral leadership in China. Specifically, it addresses the following four questions:
What is the content domain of moral leadership as perceived by PRC managers?
Is PRC manager’s conception of moral leadership influenced by their demographics, position level, and types of enterprises in which they are employed?
Does the content of moral leadership change over time?
How does Chinese moral leadership content relate to Western theory of moral foundations?