【GHRM MBA】Senior Consultant at Wistron Shared the Concept of Project Management

Jacky Kuo, a NSYSU alumnus, was invited back to NSYSU by College of Management, hoping to share some of his experiences in Project Management. Jacky Kuo used to be the head of BU at Acer. Currently, he works as a corporate venture capitalist and senior consultant at Wistron.

In the first half of the speech, Jacky presented the Tablet PC project to explain the project management process. Jacky pointed out that at each stage of the product development process, there are several milestones to be reached which are important key performance indicators to tell whether a project is performing the process well or poorly. When dealing with a relatively larger project, Jacky suggested that the tool of work breakdown structure may be useful to dissect a large goal into several small sectors that are easier to manage. Mastering the tool could control the project and predict the upcoming situations.

Jacky also reminded that when everyone conducting project management, it is necessary to determine the dependency relationship between project activities. Be sure to reduce the dependency and the risk between activities as much as possible. Besides, the Gantt Chart can be used to create a visual view of the entire project. Once project managers have a clear picture of the whole project, then they can optimize the critical path and improve overall efficiency.

In the second half of the speech, Jacky dived into the definition and importance of project management and analyzed the differences in responsibilities between the project manager and the program manager. Jacky thought that the responsibility of a project manager is not only to integrate resources but also to understand the industrial environment and market. If project managers could understand the market, then they would add more value to the company.

At the end of the speech, Jacky also advised students who would work on consulting projects this semester. Jacky suggested that students should not look for information with open access, instead, they should listen to customers’ needs carefully. By doing so, they would have a better chance to succeed in helping the client.