【IBBA】Campus Visit to NSYSU – Hua Hin School English Program, Thailand

As part of IBBA’s ongoing effort to promote and attract high-caliber international students to the IBBA program, on the 30th of March 2023, the IBBA program organized a campus visit for a group of students from Hua Hin School English Program, Thailand. The visit took place at National Sun Yat-sen University(NSYSU) in Taiwan and aimed to showcase the program’s advantages for foreign students while creating a bridge between the two schools. Having shared some similarities with Hua Hin, which is well known for its beaches, the students quickly assimilated themselves into NSYSU’s environment.

Starting off the campus visit, Prof. Chien-Yuan Sher, Program Director of the IBMBA & GHRM MBA program, and Ms. Angie Tu, IBBA Program Coordinator, extended their warmest welcome to the students from Hua Hin. After a brief exchange, Andy Teo, a year 2 GHRM MBA student, took over and shared with the students what NSYSU has to offer for international students, scholarship opportunities, the IBBA curriculum and application details, and student activities.

The IBBA program at NSYSU is specifically designed for international students, offering a comprehensive curriculum taught entirely in English by professors from various countries. The first two years focus on building a strong foundation in business studies, supplemented by cross-cultural communication and English proficiency training. From the third year, students can choose a specialization track, such as Finance, International Business Management, or Information Management.

In addition to the robust academic program, IBBA students can expect various opportunities for personal and professional growth. These include overseas exchange programs or dual degree options with partnering schools like the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria (UViC) in Canada and the University of Essex in the UK. The program also offers career-related events, resume screening, and career consultancy services, which provide valuable insights and connections to industry experts.

To have a better understanding of the curriculum, the students also sat in the Human Resource Management (HRM) class conducted by Prof. François. As one of the core components to build up the students’ foundation in International Business Management, the HRM class offered students valuable insights into the importance of HR and the role they play to support the organization’s objectives.

It wouldn’t be called a campus visit without a tour around the school. The campus tour highlighted NSYSU’s unique setting between the beach and the mountain, which offers students a unique view and unparalleled study environment. From the library to the sports stadium to the Sizihwan beach, the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the tour, further solidifying the university’s reputation as an attractive destination for international students. The collaboration between NSYSU and Hua Hin School English Program demonstrates a commitment to fostering global connections and providing exceptional educational opportunities for students from around the world.

The enrollment period for the fall semester usually falls between mid-January to mid-March every year. For more information about IBBA program admission, please visit https://reurl.cc/o04Dzg and https://reurl.cc/EGLKKa .