College of Management @ FEU Group of Schools

February 13-15, 2019 – Manila, Philippines

College of Management, National Sun Yat-sen University visited the Far Eastern University (FEU) Group of Schools to promote our International MBA Programs – Global Human Resource Management MBA and International Business MBA. Directors Sharon Wang and Jack Hsu presented to nearly 300 students in total encouraging them to apply for the program.

Dr. Benson Tan, Senior Executive Director of FEU also attended the MBA information session at FEU Diliman. Dr. Tan warmly welcomed NSYSU Directors and suggested to further strengthen the partnership with NSYSU through student and faculty exchange, short-term visiting programs, and research collaborations.

The first school to be visited was FEU – Institute of Technology. Students with backgrounds in Computer Studies and Engineering were encouraged to enroll in an MBA after they graduate. “Opportunities are endless, combining technology with business.” said Justine Pura, an alumnus of FEU Institute of Technology who is also a student of GHRM-MBA. Director Jack also mentioned to students that some courses in the MBA program are combined with tech such as information management.

The second school to be visited was FEU Manila, which is the main campus and the first to be established among the FEU Group of Schools. The session was divided into two to accommodate a large number of participants whose background is also in the business field. The students are exposed to what NSYSU can offer such as quality education on a very beautiful campus. The students are not new to the business concepts, but what surprised them are the opportunities they can get such as exchange opportunities in Europe or U.S. on a cheaper value.

On the same day, FEU Diliman was also visited. FEU Diliman has the biggest FEU campus situated at Quezon City, a city adjacent to the City of Manila, and the session was held at the auditorium of the campus. FEU Diliman is known for their Business-Information Technology fused courses, such as combining operations management with programming. Director Jack, who is also a professor handling tech courses explained how an MBA degree can be beneficial for the students in the future and how they can apply concepts of businesses to reality by enrolling in the program.

The last FEU School to be visited was FEU Makati located at Makati City, the business capital of Manila. Though having their own MBA program, Ms. Cherrie Perillo (Assistant Dean of the Institute of Accounts, Business and Finance of FEU Makati), encouraged them to explore opportunities abroad especially in a beautiful country like Taiwan. Director Sharon also gave them ideas about how they can enjoy their stay while taking their MBA, like participating in Dragon Boat Competition or taking extra credits in windsurfing classes.

Students from the FEU Group of Schools were not just introduced on NSYSU’s English MBA programs and what NSYSU can offer, they were also informed about the scholarship opportunities through Justine, who is also an MOE Scholar. Justine shared his experience in applying for the MBA program and scholarship at the same time. For him, he did not have a hard time applying for both. He mentioned that he didn’t have to pay any single amount for the tuition fee and he receives monthly stipend enough for his living expense in Taiwan.

Overall, students from the FEU schools were enlightened how and why they should apply for the program. Through this move of the College of Management, a number of applicants from the Philippines are surely expected to grow this year and in the following years.

FEU is one of the top and famous universities in the Philippines having more than 20,000 students in all of the FEU schools combined. FEU is home of the country’s richest and notable alumni including Henry Sy, owner of SM Corporation and Lucio Tan, one of the Philippines’ business tycoons.

EU Diliman students with the FEU and NSYSU Associates
FEU Institute of Technology students
FEU Makati students
First Batch – FEU Manila students
Second Batch – FEU Manila students