【GHRM】《110-2》GHRM MBA Alumni Update: Robin Slootmaker Reminisces About His GHRM MBA Experience And Current Life In Taiwan

GHRM MBA / MAY 16, 2022

GHRM MBA and IBMBA attract students from all across the globe and from all walks of life. Many of our alumni are excelling in their chosen fields and today we share the story of our GHRM MBA alumnus Robin Slootmaker.

Getting To Know Robin Slootmaker

Robin grew up in the sunny state of California and completed his bachelor’s from the state of Washington. He owned a printing business for a few years and wound up traveling to Taiwan, fell in love with it, and since then, he has made the tiny island his home for more than a decade. Robin remarks,
“I came to visit Taiwan and I fell in love with the place, I just can’t seem to leave.”

Robin is currently working as an International Business Development Manager at Biotek Environmental Science Ltd-a company that manufactures disinfection equipment for applications from pharmaceutical factories to chain restaurants to household appliances. His job entails a lot of responsibilities and covers everything from sales, account management, contract negotiation, and market strategy to regulatory compliance.

Time At GHRM MBA-Fond Memories And Lessons

After working in Shanghai for a brief period, Robin returned to Taiwan and wanted to expand his opportunities and further hone his business acumen. After one of his friends recommended 中山大學, Robin got in touch with Cindy and applied for the GHRM MBA program. Reminiscing about his GHRM MBA days, Robin fondly remembers Professor David McConville’s classes and the way he impacted students to think more broadly. In fact, Robin still applies some of the tools and lessons he learned from Professor David’s class in his daily work.

Robins’s time at GHRM MBA was full of unforgettable memories and invaluable career and life lessons. When asked about the most valuable thing he learned from the program, Robin shares,
“The most valuable thing I learned in a general sense, the degree gave me a good foundation for cross-cultural and international work environments.”

Robin credits GHRM MBA for opening doors for him and for helping him forge a professional career in Taiwan.

Falling In Love With Taiwan-A Country Unlike Any other

According to Robin, Taiwan is unlike any other place. It’s the elusive combination of safety, opportunity, stability, and fun that made Robin fall in love with the island. According to Robin,
“Nowhere else I have lived or visited offers such safety, opportunity, stability, and fun. It is cutting-edge advanced yet rough around the edges with that island feel. It has the modern metropolis, tropical beaches, and beautiful mountains all in a nice, albeit not neat, package. People here are welcoming, kind, and go beyond to be helpful. It’s an extremely unique place.”

For the current students, Robin advises them to be patient and open and to challenge themselves and others’ perceptions.

College of Management is proud of Robin’s achievements and delighted to know that he’s having a great time in Taiwan. We wish him the very best and we are sure he’ll achieve even greater things in the near future. GHRM MBA will continue to share our alumni’s inspiring stories in the days to come.