【College of Management USR】 Kaohsiung Sunshine Social Caring Association and the Social Affairs Bureau co-organize “Slow-Flying Angels” Children’s Day Event

With Children’s Day around the corner, the Kaohisung Sunshine Social Caring Association and the Children’s Welfare Service Center of the Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City co-organized a “Slow-Flying Angels” Children’s Day event on March 31 for young children with physical and mental disabilities. The Director of Kaohsiung’s Social Affairs Bureau, Li-Li Hsieh, the Chairman of Sun Yat-Sen Sunshine Social Caring Association, Shang-Chien Wu, and the Dean of College of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University, Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh, gathered together with 120 “Slow-Flying Angels” on the first-floor stage of SKM PARK.

“From the Social Affairs Bureau” – Group Photo

At the beginning of the event, cartoon mascots led the group in dancing and health exercises to liven up the atmosphere, as parents danced with their children. On behalf of Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chih-Mai, Social Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government Director Li-Li Hsieh expressed her gratitude to the Kaohsiung Sunshine Social Caring Association for cooperating with the Social Affairs Bureau for seven consecutive years in organizing the Slow-Flying Angels Children’s Day Event, and presented a certificate of appreciation.

Cartoon mascots accompany the Slow-Flying Angels

The Kaohsiung Sunshine Social Caring Association was established by the alumni of the 17th EMBA class in 2014 to continue the spirit of “taking from the community to give back more to the community.” It aims to care for the disadvantaged in society by gathering business people who are interested in serving children with developmental delays, people in rural areas or poverty, disadvantaged farmers, and elderly with dementia. Through corporate management expertise, the Association raises social resources to provide services that improve the quality of children’s learning, farmers’ lives, and elderly care.

“From the Social Affairs Bureau” – Slow-Flying Angels enjoy the indoor amusement park

In recent years, ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability-related education have also played an important role in global business education. The College of Management of National Sun Yat-sen University aspires to be a model of business management education in Asia and is fully committed to the promotion of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainable education. Through teaching, service, research, and external collaboration, we hope to work with all sectors to promote these three areas and take actions that create impact and implement University Social Responsibility.

Haircuts, hair washings, and massage services are provided for relaxation

Shang-Chien Wu, President of the Association, said that he was very touched that the parents brought their Slow-Flying Angels to participate in the Children’s Day activities. The association provided the children’s favorite fast food meal for lunch, as well as haircut and massage services, hoping that to give the children a happy and unforgettable festival. Dean Yeh of the College of Management expressed her gratitude for the support of the EMBA alumni in the association, adding that she hopes to continue carrying out the activity in the future. She hopes that the Slow-Flying Angels can eat, play, and sleep happily every day so that their parents can feel at ease.

Clowns made balloons for the Slow-Flying Angels to play with

In addition to the cartoon mascots accompanying the Slow-Flying Angels, clowns also made balloons for the children. On top of that, at the event, Li-Li Hsieh, Director of the Social Affairs Bureau, Shang-Chien Wu, President of the Association, Shu-Chuan Jennifer Yeh, Dean of the College of Management, distributed popular educational toys for children, as well as popcorn and cotton candy. Parents were also allowed to bring their children to an indoor amusement park and other facilities, and arrangements were made to let them participate in relaxation services such as haircuts, hair washings, and massages, so that everyone could have fun and feel relaxed and happy on the eve of Children’s Day.

“From the Social Affairs Bureau” – children give back their love and thanks

1.    Kaohsiung Sunshine Social Caring Association: https://twsunshine.org.tw/team
2.    Kaohsiung Children Welfare Service Center: https://cwsc.kcg.gov.tw/Default.aspx
3.    “Slow-flying angels” are children under the age of six who have one, several, or a combination of developmental delays or abnormalities in organ function, sensory perception, motor balance, language communication, cognitive learning, psychosocial development, and/or emotional development (as defined in Wellness Magazine: https://www.commonhealth.com.tw/article/67374)
4.    Li-Li Hsieh, Director of the Social Affairs Bureau, stressed that she hopes the general public would be concerned about helping children with developmental delays and hopes to grasp the golden period before the age of 6 for early detection and early treatment, so as to jointly create a happy and friendly environment for children to grow up in. If you have questions about your child’s development, you can contact one of the 16 early treatment service centers and locations in Kaohsiung City, and the professional staff will provide you with detailed explanations. Kaohsiung’s Early Care Service Hotline is 398-5011.