【International Alumni】In Love with Taiwan, Study and Career

Michal Rýznar, who is originally from the Czech Republic, is now a Reliability Engineer at STMicroelectronics with a strong passion for Taiwan. Michal has obtained a wonderful life and precious memories on the island. Starting from not knowing anything about Taiwan during his first visit, Michal chose to return for his graduate degree and got settled in right here in Taiwan afterwards.

Splendid life at NSYSU
Michal first learned about Taiwan from the exchange program he participated at NSYSU during his last year of undergraduate education. During his first visit, the beautiful scenery and passionate people in Taiwan had deeply attracted him to look for possibility coming back for a master’s degree. With a target of advancing his knowledge in business administration and social skills, Michal decided to enroll in NSYSU’s Global Human Resource Management (known as GHRM MBA) program as suggested by friends who had graduated and who were studying at NSYSU then.

With useful academic and field knowledge gained from professors in class, Michal strongly recommends GHRM MBA program in NSYSU to whom may be interested.

Michal developed a solid Chinese language ability by attending the Chinese Class offered by NSYSU. He was also keen in taking parts in the extracurricular activities after school. He was the vice president of the Student Association of the international programs, the captain of the International Dragon Boat Team. Michal made his school life sophisticated yet fruitful, and his dedication in learning led him to opportunities and a sense of accomplishment.

Experience of living in Taiwan
Before graduation, Michal was a user interface research and testing intern in a local company in Kaohsiung City for 4 months. He was responsible for developing English user manuals, researching on competitors, analyzing website data, etc. Chinese was once his nightmare for he was always worried that his Chinese ability is not good enough to be qualified for the job. Yet step by step, with courage he diligently worked his way through tasks and obstacles encountered during the internship. Michal believes that everyone has doubts and worries to the future, but things may not appear as they seem right now; so, don’t trouble till trouble troubles you, he said!

Michal was on board at his first job in Taipei City 2 months after graduation, and what seemed to be the key of getting hired in such a short time was to be open minded. Though the first job did not seem to be suitable for him, Michal got familiar with the business and workplace culture in Taiwan. While working hard at present job then, he continued looking for opportunities. He then received an offer from STMicroelectronics to work as a reliability engineer one and half years later. According to Michal, language barrier was much harder to conquer than cultural differences; yet these challenges motivated him to improve himself.

Suggestions to foreigners who intend to stay in Taiwan…
The diverse society, convenient life, hospitality from the locals, and spectacular natural sceneries are some of Michal’s reasons falling in love with this island, and he especially enjoys his motorcycle rides in Taiwan. The graduate diploma helped Michal step into the professional field quickly, and the school life prepped him with a decent Chinese foundation. The job market in Taiwan is full of opportunities. As a friendly reminder to whom may consider staying in Taiwan longtermly, they can make good use of 104 Corporation to look for job vacancies. Linkedin is also an important channel that helps with building connections with professionals. Last but not least, Michael stated that language barriers could be the key challenge that they may encounter and should be well prepared.