【IBMBA & GHRM MBA】DIY Fragrant Sachet Online Tutorial Held On 16th June: Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival The Online Way

Dragon Boat is one of the major festivals in Taiwan, and it’s celebrated on 14th June every year. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, NSYSU couldn’t celebrate the occasion like every other year, but that didn’t stop the Student Association of International Programs from commemorating the event. On 16th June, a ‘DIY Fragrant Sachet Online Tutorial’ was held with Ms. Yufen Hsiao from the Chinese Language Center.

The event lasted from 4:00-5:30 PM. It started with a brief introduction to the origins of the Dragon Boat Festival. Ms.Hsiao also talked about what people do during the Dragon Boat festival, such as eating dumplings, egg balancing, watching the Dragon Boat, and making fragrant sachets. She also talked about the different types of dumplings and how different countries put different ingredients into the dumplings. The online event was attended by about ten students. The materials required to make the fragrant sachet were supplied beforehand with the energy pack.

Finally, the DIY fragrant sachet tutorial started. Initially, as most of the participants had never done it before, there were some difficulties. However, despite that, they were able to make their own sachets thanks to the instructions of Ms. Hsiao. In the end, a screenshot was also taken to commemorate the event. Limaonen, a 2nd-year GHRM MBA student who attended the online event, found it exciting and remarked that it was a great way to celebrate the festival despite the limitations brought about by the pandemic.