【Event】The Season To Be Jolly: Christmas and International Lounge

To celebrate this festive season and close the curtains on their term, the Student Association (SA) held Christmas and International Lounge on the 23rd of December 2020 at College of Management, NSYSU. Students, staff members, and Professor Frank Wong attended the event. Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, a lavish celebration couldn’t be materialized, but the SA managed to pull off a memorable and warm Christmas gathering. Upon registration, the attendees were provided with a cute box of Christmas snacks. A lucky draw was also held, and the participants were gifted cute and memorable Christmas presents.

The event began with a speech from the Student Association’s outgoing president, Hkawn San(Joy), briefing Student Association term- end reflection, the exciting activities they had organized for the students during the Fall semester 2020. Throughout their term, they hosted numerous events such as the Alumni Gathering Event in Taipei, New Students Orientation, Summer Internship Sharing Event, IBMBA, and GHRM MBA Lunch Gathering, Upcycle Challenge, Culture Sharing, Career Networking, Language Exchange, Halloween, Beach Cleaning and finally the Christmas and International lounge event. Joy thanked everyone for placing their faith in them and for allowing them to serve them. She was also immensely thankful for the co-operation of vice presidents Sam and Jonathan, without whom it would have been impossible to take on so many responsibilities. 

After that, the respective teams for the upcoming SA elections presented their goals and campaign promises. The first group was Team 1, R.E.S.T, consisting of Rossie Lim (1st-year IBMBA student) for the post of president and Sam Lee (GHRM MBA 2nd year student), and Erica Liu (1st-year IBMBA student) as the vice-president nominees. If elected, they wish to become the bridge between the office and students, help them have a good time, and promote the international programs. Some highlights of their plans include resume and career tips sharing, language exchange, team building, picnic, and social activities. 

Team 2, with the slogan “Work Hard, Play Harder” includes Paul Klebert (1st-year IBMBA student) for the post of president and Ha Thi Xuan (Cecilia)   (1st-year GHRM MBA student) and Ysanne  Chen(1st-year IBMBA student) for the post of the vice presidents. If they are elected, they want to hold exciting and fun activities for the students such as song of the trees party, April fools “break-a-leg” bowling, son of a beach competition, among others. Lastly, Team 3,  S.H.E consisting of Lisa Chang (1st-year IBMBA) for the post of the president and James Tseng (1st-year GHRM MBA student) and Henry Kao (1st-year IBMBA student) as the vice-president nominees. S.H.E stands for self-development, happiness, and engagement. If elected as the next SA, they want to focus on recreation, networking, and career-development activities such as cross-culture music sharing, IG got talent, second-hand book exchange, and many more. 

In the end, International programs wish its family with a merry Christmas and a happy new year. GHRM MBA and IBMBA programs will also like to thank and congratulate the outgoing SA members Joy, Sam, and Jonathan for doing such an exemplary job despite the hurdles created by the COVID-19 pandemic.